Die 20 Yachtline ankert vor der kroatischen Steinküste

20-Yachtline- at the Sea with 80 HP? -Croatia 2017

In EB20, Erfahrungsberichte by SvenK.

Hello everyone

We would like to share with you our Experiences and Experiences with the 20-Yacht line ÖCHSNER-BOOTE with WIDE-BEAM (80PS HONDA).
“We” are 2 Adults and a Toddler (under 2 Years) who have not yet travelled by The Sea by boat and have hardly enough Boat experience. The Room (staying with Child on it would have been too much at once) was included in time. Boat Berth booked and so we started at the End of July 2017 for 14 Days in Rab (Barbat).

  • Boat: 20-Yacht line
  • Engine: Honda BF-80 LRTU
  • Driving area: Croatia
  • Crew: 3
  • Boat Experience: Beginners
Day 1

After the smooth Journey we are very Early by ferry to Rab. Immediately, the turquoise Water catches the eye. Somehow you immediately get the Impression that it seems even clearer and more colorful from the Water than it looks from the Land.
After we drove the short Distance to our Accommodation, we briefly moved into our Room (100m from the Beach and the Berth) and wanted to take a look at the conditions on Site. The Ladies the Beach and I the Berth.
Later we went in Shortly after Rab and registered our Boat.

We laid the Crane on the second Day, so we enjoyed the Day at the Beach And are also straight to Bed after the early Dinner.

Day 2

The Crane is coming up. Since we had never done this before, We were very soon at the Crane and were able to watch as soon as 2 times how the whole Thing Goes. In the End, you think more About how it takes then. After a few Minutes the Boat was in the Water and We were already on the way with it.
After a short Drive out of the Canal, we chose the quiet East coast of Pag to Get to know the boat and first familiarized ourselves with the 20-Yacht line. After feeling quickly safe, we drove in the Afternoon to the Northwest Of Rabs, looked for a small Bay and anchored it the first time. We were surprised at how easily we liked everything.
In the Pictures you can only guess how beautiful the Landscape is. We are snorkeled a lot, with the little one swimming and also briefly on Land.
On the way Back We saw a 29-man from Öchsner lying. (We also learned the Owner during the Course of the holiday)
The Docking at the Muring worked out flawlessly.
In the Evening We are in the Restaurant Aco-very tasty-and if you like Fish and Seafood, you get just the Right thing here.

Day 3

35 ° Sun, hardly any Wind. After our Breakfast we start on the Water. When We were Put down, we were approached by Boaters on our Model. The Boat has apparently already been visited at the Fair and is expected to be the next Acquisition.
After we liked the Northwest so much, we set out again in this Direction and ventured a little further around the Island.
In a Bay for ourselves I used the Time and took some nice Pictures of our 20 yacht line while the Ladies played and snorkeled.

Day 4

Since the Island of Rab was still unknown to us, today we decided not to Go on a boat to drive and go on a land exploration tour.
In the North, San Marino and Lopar appealed to us. And the Swimming Playground in The shallow Water in Lopar is a Dream come true for every Kind/youngster. The whole Area is very large and the Water only rises very flat. So you can leave a Child a little more Room for movement.
San Marino would also have had a beautiful Sandy Beach and Some Shopping. We simply lacked time here.

In the Evening we passed a Drago 540 by Öchsner in search of a Restaurant.

Day 5

Ideal Bathing Weather
Today we are back on the Boat. We drove out all Day and swam, flattered or just dozed. Pure Relaxation-perfect for Deceleration

Day 6

Since we arrived only with a half-full Tank, we had to Refuel today. We have already seen the Gas Station when signing Up For a boat.
After 9 Hours of Operation and consumed 65Ltr. (From a maximum of 140 Litres) (Almost 7 Ltr. the Hour) we left for Rab.
Here we recognized a nice Drago 22 Owners and approached us about the new Model of the 20 yacht line. Everyone is thrilled with the Space and doesn’t believe us at the Time that the Toilet Room and Pantry are built in.
While Refueling we were able to get to know the 29er owner we have already seen lying in the Canal. A really nice family of 5 from Austria. After Refueling We are back to the Berth after a small Splash tour and a Short Bathing course in the Afternoon.

Day 7

Tonight, the welcome Cooling came in the Form of Rain.
Short Check on the Boat. All dry.
It has cooled a bit (only 29 degrees)
We let it go easy today and start after the short Shopping Trip to the Northern Tip from Pag to Lun. Here there are one of the largest areas of wild Olive Trees in The world (partly more than 1,500 Years old) and can be visited in a botanical Protected area. After Coffee and Ice we left again and went to the 2 small Islands Dolfin and Mali Dolfin and Went Swimming there. (Very lively Underwater World)

Day 8

Today we meet friends who are Also on the road by Boat. So we looked for a Nice Spot with the total of 3 Boats and went anchor there. Now That there were more Children, we were able to use the whole Water toy well and the Children felt very comfortable in the Water.
The Day passed as if in Flight.

Day 9

Cosy (later) Start to the Day. Everyone slept for a long time.
We have taken a well-known (Non-boater) family on the Boat who also have a Child (3 Years), but have never boarded it. Have taken a small Tour with several Stops.
Dinner at Vincenzo is highly recommended. Here the Pizza is prepared in the visible Stone oven. And you have a view right on the Water through the high Terrace that happens.

Day 10

There is a Very shallow Area between Dolfin and Mali Dolfin that is easy to reach. That should become our Goal today. It’s an Ideal diving and Snorkelling Spot with more Action, Variety and living Creatures underwater. In The afternoon we are again on a Coffee to Pag and with the little one on the Beach.
After we plan to Round Rab completely tomorrow, we refuel 70 Ltr. With another 11 Hours on the Clock.

Day 11

Very good Weather announced. Since everyone has fallen out of bed, we Drive off at 9.30. We bypass Rab And make a short Stop in Zavratnica Bay. Here you can snorkel a Shipwreck just below the surface of the Water. The Ship was sunk during World War II. Now aim for the island of Goli Otok with a full Tank. The former Prison Island can be easily visited today. Afterwards we are driven to Sahara Beach (very nice and quiet Spacious Sandy beach. Around 6 p.m. we were back at the Jetty.

Day 12

The Weather is reported as volatile for the first time. Wait and see, we are planning today only at short notice. After an extended Walk we went to the Beach and in the late Afternoon for a Stroll to Raba City
It’s pleasantly cool and it’s Fun to Stroll through the busy Alleyways. The distinctive Tower, which serves as a unique Sign of Recognition From the Water, can be climbed. The View is a Dream. In the City there is a large Range of Entertainment towards the Evening. Live Music, various Stalls and mobile Retailers. Here we go Out for food and enjoy the penultimate Evening of our Boat holiday.

Day 13

We pack the Boat and start Stara Novalja And anchor there. Here you can rent Jet skis and other Water Sports Equipment in the deep sheltered Bay. The Cocktail Bar at the End of the Bay is also recommended. We started our Journey Home at around 18:30. During Our meal we listened to a Recommendation last Evening and are integrated into the Restaurant Meslina (An Olive Grove in which Das Restaurant is)
The Food was a great Ending for a lovely Holiday that passed far too quickly. Here We won’t have eaten the last Time, that’s for sure.
In our Room we started Packing in the Evening. Tomorrow goes back home

Day 14

All get up comfortably and Have breakfast Rest. Briefly Chopped and taken by boat to the Crane.
So Ends a Beautiful Vacation with Our 20-Yacht Line
We would like to thank the Company Öchsner for the beautiful Boat and the exemplary Briefing.

One thing is for sure, We’ll be back

Dear Greetings

S & L


With the Equipment and THE 80HP, the Boat is also absolutely Suitable For the Sea. The low Consumption of 6-7Ltr./Hr speaks for itself. The Place is absolutely sufficient for 2 Adults with Child and even if we still get Offspring, the Boat is enough.
We have not lacked anything and we are sure that we will spend a lot of Time in beautiful Corners.

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