MS W. Seated at the Bugspitze of the SR30 Yachtline.

Experience Report SR30-Yachtline-Lake Constance and Lake Zernsee

In EB30, Erfahrungsberichte by SvenK

Travel Facts:
  • Boat: SR30 -Yachtline-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta D3-220 DPS
  • Driving area: Lake Constance/Zernsee/Saale
  • Crew: 2-6 People + Dog
  • Boat Experience: Beginners

Since the Beginning of the 90s we regularly visited the various Boat Fairs, just to enjoy the sight of the Boats.

At that Time, the Establishment of one's own Company was a priority-both In terms of leisure and Finance. Together, we deposited the Sportsboat licence See (Binnen available since 1980) in August 2016. At the Friedrichshafen trade fair we found our Object of Desire and signed the Purchase Agreement for the SR30 yachtline with Volvo Penta D3-220 DPS in September in Kürnach.

The Time until the timely Handover in May just didn't want to pass.


After the expert briefing by Sven Küffner and Florian Öchsner (on the Main), the trailer took about 300 km without any problems heading home.

The First Water Took place in The Kirschke Marina in Alsleben (Saale).


Our first major Tour with an Overnight Stay on the SR30 took us from our home Saale through 3 Locks (without Any problems) to the Elbe to Schönebeck.

Because of to Low Water in the Elbe and little Driving Practice, we swapped the somewhat battered screw, thanks to Mr. Küffner, For a new One After a happy Return.


The first Helmsman, Grandson Moritz, was able to take the Helm Enthusiastically.


We started Our 8-day Annual Holiday in London in Mid-July in Langenargen on Lake Grown-to tell ahead-a dreamlike area for Boating. After Overnight accommodation on the Boat in the Parking lot, The next Day water and Boat Acceptance-Lake Constance permit were on the Program.

This was followed By Baden in The crystal clear Lake Constance and a Short Trip to Lindau.

2 Nights "accommodation with 4 Adults, 2 Children and a Boat dog proved to be unproblematic, even through the Camp Deck. After Checking out 4 Family Members, we drove along the banks of Europe's third largest Inland waters on the Board. Starting in Constance, followed by the Swiss Romanshorn and Austrian Hard, we each set ourselves an Overnight stay and free inexpensive Berths in Lindau.

In the following Days we went again to Langenargen, where the SR30 yachtline was made ready for travel after the Crane. At our Favorite Italian in the Marina we had to do well and review The Week


Nice Weather, friendly Harbor Masters, new Perspectives from the Ship, a reliable, extremely economical and-if you will-also fast Boat, good Food and Drink. What more could you want? After about 8 Hours and about 600 km, one of our most beautiful Holidays of the last Decades ended the next Day.

At the beginning of August we moved our Boat to the Marina Ringel in Töplitz on The Great Cern Lake. This is also a very nice Area with Driving Opportunities to almost all of Germany and Europe. Here we undertook several Trips with the SR30-Yachtline to Potsdam and the Surrounding area.


Summary: With the SR30 yachtline Öchsner has launched a very well thought-out, easy-to-use and trailable Boat. It has a reasonable Space, many practical Solutions like "Chill and Go" and is so economical that it sometimes hurts (Diesel Consumption = Weight). As absolute Newcomers, we have come to terms with great clarity in our first Boat season and would like to thank all Employees of the Company Öchsner. We are already feasting towards the Start of the new Boat season.

Petra and Udo W.

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