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Experience report SR30 -Yachtline-: Rhine and Ijssel sea

In EB30, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
  • Boot: SR30 Yachtline Panorama
  • Motor: Volvo Penta V6 280 DPS
  • Fahrgebiet: Rhein und Ijsselmeer
  • Besatzung: 2 Personen
  • Bootserfahrung: Fortgeschrittene

    The starting point

    As experienced trailer captains of a Crownline 250cr with a quite high and unfortunately not allowed total weight of 4100kg,we decided after 8 years to buy another boat.

    After careful consideration, we looked at the fair Interboot in Friedrichshafen 2018 for trailerable boats up to 2700kg with trailer. Our ideal towing vehicle can easily pull 3500kg. So, many variants were possible in the "trailerable segment".

    The only important criterion for us was an underfloor cabin with a toilet. However, since we need some space, the plan for a smaller boat was dropped after the first day of the fair. Instead, we even included the new idea of following a good offer and putting a twin-engine new Bavaria to Croatia. But after quite a lot of nightly deliberation at the hotel Wasserburg, we decided to take a look again for the second planned day at the fair. And then it came, as it had to come: we canceled the offer for the Bavaria on the second day of the fair and then passed the SR30 -Yachtline-. OK, so that's the biggest trailerable boat with adequate space.

    So we got on the boat and made contact with the previously unknown Mr. Küffner. Mr. Küffner explained to us which refinements this SR30 is equipped with. After we realized what added value this boat offered us with the possibility of legal trailering, we immediately made an appointment in Kürnach. There should be something special to see, namely a special model of the SR30: the SR30 Panorama with an even larger bathroom.


    The day in Kürnach with a visit to the special model SR30 Panorama has convinced us and made us order this boat with a full equipment with a few tears of joy.

    The handover

    Thus began the 8-month waiting period for the ordered new boat, which should end in June 2019 with the handover and briefing by Mr. Öchsner.

    We combined the pickup with the end of our holiday and made on the return to Cologne a detour via Kürnach for pickup. There Mr. Öchsner welcomed us and he drove with us and the new boat for a test drive to a slipway on the Main.

    We were shown how absolutely easy the slipping of this big boat works. It was funny that as experienced trailer captains like us got a few tips. You never stop learning. Thanks again for that.

    On the short test drive, it immediately became clear what added value "Öchsner technology" would bring us this year in terms of weight reduction and WideBeam hull. And I was convinced that I had made the right decision with a boat of this class. It's real pleasure how to power this boat with the Volvo Penta 280hp engine and literally lift it out of the water. In addition there is the enormous lateral stability, which for a boat with this critical length-width ratio, I believe, belongs to the class best. This lateral stability should pay off this year on the Rhine and the Ijssel sea.

    After we had the boat out of the water, the top target was reached on the calibrated scale. The boat with trailer and about 50 liters of gasoline slightly undercut the 3500kg mark. Admittedly without equipment, but that's the way it was agreed. After the papers were done, it went off on the highway to Cologne.

    The car/trailer combination on the highway like a express train. So the boat was slipped into the water in the afternoon under the crowd of curious harbor - and with a glass of Kölsch.

    The first boat trips

    After the boat was equipped with all the essentials, it went first to the gas station in Cologne Rheinau harbor. On the way there, my wife already announced that this boat is not as tipping as our old boat.

    The Rhine is bordered in Cologne in some places by walls that prevent leakage of waves of commercial shipping. Here, it is not uncommon for unpleasant crosswaves, which have put our old boat often on the side. It is different now with the WideBeam hull: the boat is slightly inclined and quickly returns to position. Also, the average displayed consumption on the glass cockpit of only 0.8 liters per kilometer in proper gliding let us smile. Combined with the huge 300l tank for a boat of this size, coupled with low fuel consumption, we achieve very high ranges. Thus, the problem of gas station search for the future has becomes unnecessary.


    The boat launch

    For the boat launch in the harbor, the owner of the boats in the harbor appeared very numerous. Almost all have convinced themselves of the quality of the boat and were especially surprised by the universal to use bathing platform with dinghy winch. It was a pleasant side effect that a box of Kölsch exactly fits into the water seat . The trailerability of the boat was questioned by many, but after a few Kölsch it was accepted.

    Our first boat trip to Dusseldorf

    Our first excursion took us across the Rhine to the "forbidden city with the dark Altbier" for Cologne. As expected, the 120 km over the "water highway" direction Dusseldorf were a cinch for the crew and the boat. The good driving characteristics were also confirmed by two sport boat captains. The boat lie extremely well on the water and does not sink in the back.

    On this trip we also realized how comfortable staying in such a spacious boat of this class is. For two people, storage space is available in abundance and the freedom of movement with the required standing height is enormous.


    Our trip to Holland and the Ijssel sea

    We made the longest trip with 360km from Cologne to Lemmer in two very comfortable days. We left Cologne at 11 o'clock and arrived in the evening at 19 o'clock just before Kampen in a nice harbor on the Kissel for the night. The next day we drove over the Ijissel into the Ijssel sea near Kampen. We passed the lock in Lemmer with great fun, best weather and a calm sea in the morning. In marina park Lemmer we had a house with a jetty available for three weeks. We have used the house as a base and had many boat trips across the Ijssel sea and through the channels. Of course we have experienced many varied sea conditions. We never felt insecure.

    Also driving in the Dutch channels with the speed limits with the SR30 Panorama has been a lot of fun.



    After more than 1,000 kilometers on the Rhine, several lakes and the Ijssel sea with many day and weekend excursions, we would like to express our appreciation to the Öchsner team for the quality construction of our SR30 Panorama. We are very happy that we have chosen this boat because it fulfills all our wishes.

    We wish the Öchsner team continued success and look forward to the next season.

    Your family D. from Cologne

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