• Season´s beginning 2022
    In bright sunshine and just in time for the beginning of spring, we start the boat season 2022 and we start with the new boat …
  • Öchsner boats – Quality from a family hand
    Öchsner boats – Quality from a family hand January 2022 means for us: 36 years family business Öchsner boats10 years of successful generational change – …
  • Review of the boating year 2021
    The boating season 2021 has passed and the year´s almost over. It´s time to take a look back. Furthermore we would like to give you some insights into what our customers wrote in their experience reports about us and our boats this year.
  • Upgrade SRX30 -Yachtline-
    Upgrade SRX30 -Yachtline- “No” is not an option! True to this motto, following an idea, we have equipped the SRX30 -Yachtline- with a new gadget. …
  • End of Season 2021 – a brief overwiev
    End of Season 2021 – a brief overwiev The boating season 2021 is over – here we would like to give you a brief overview. …
  • SX20 -Yachtline- exclusive upgrade
    SX20 -Yachtline- exclusive upgrade Small boat – great appearance! This is all the more so for the large exclusive upgrade of our SX20 -Yachtline-, the …
  • Review of the boat year 2020
    The 2020 boating season is behind us and the year is drawing to a close. Time to look back at a year that we will all remember for a long time. And we also show what our customers wrote about us and our boats in their experience reports this year.
  • Update to the new SX20 -YACHTLINE-
    S and X – two letters with which so many great words begin: S for standard, spectacular or sensational. Or X like X-tras, X-clusive or X-cellent And our popular 20 -YACHTLINE- can now adorn itself with both and becomes the SX20 -YACHTLINE-.
  • Price adaptation 11/2020
    As of November 1st, 2020 we have adjusted the prices of our boats. Unfortunately, increased purchase prices from our suppliers made this step necessary. You can find the new price lists in German and English on the respective model pages. At the same time, we have also
  • YACHTLINE online consultation – the trade fair alternative
    In our last article we announced that we will not be participating in the Interboot 2020 trade fair in Friedrichshafen. The reason for this is, among other things, the few empirical values for the successful implementation of a trade fair in times of Corona. For many interested
  • Interboot 2020 without Öchsner-Boote
    Exactly one year ago the Interboot 2019 in Friedrichshafen was just around the corner. The exhibition boats were prepared for their big appearance, many small organizational matters had to be taken care of before the start of the trade fair and the joyful tension in the Öchsner team increased every day.
  • Free upgrade to the SX20 -YACHTLINE-
    Shortly before our company holidays, we presented the new SX20 -YACHTLINE-: As a further development of the 20 -YACHTLINE-, the facelift is mainly shown in small details, but the big impact is all the more convincing. More comfort at the driver’s cab
  • SRX30 – over 60% larger refrigerator
    More space for cool drinks and food supplies are offered by our new refrigerator in the pantry of the SRX30 -YACHTLINE- Compared to the old model, the capacity is 60% larger, so that supplies for families and / or longer tours can be easily cooled.
  • 1.8.-16.8. Company vacation
    after a short break we are available for you as usual.
  • Service beyond buying – the online access
    If you buy a -YACHTLINE- from us, the service does not end with the intensive instruction – the scope of which is extraordinarily detailed compared to other providers – and the following handover of the new boat. Because all of our customers receive the access data
  • New: SRX30 YACHTLINE with aluminum trailer 3500kg x35v
    Our SRX30 -YACHTLINE- is currently the largest trailerable boat. With a length of 10.23m – which was unimaginable until a few years ago – it is the perfect combination of flexibility in terms of driving areas and the greatest possible space and comfort. With 5 beds and
  • Vacation by boat during Corona
    A few months ago, our lives were completely different. Not only that we suddenly walk around wearing protective masks and stand in line in front of shops. We all had plans for 2020 that were dashed from one day to the next. An example of this is vacation planning
  • Video of the x35v aluminum trailer ONLINE
    The trailer for the new x35v ALU trailer is online. We look forward to the feedback. You can watch the video here
  • virtual boat tour
    We are aware that a virtual tour cannot replace personal impressions or good advice. The current situation hardly allows any alternatives. On the model pages of the 20, SR25 and SRX30 -Yachtline- you will find 360 ° views of the boats. With this 360°
  • Large and light – the secret of the Öchsner boats
    Visitors walk through the corridors of the exhibition halls, scan each booth for something interesting and finally walk farr. Then her gaze hangs on a large boat that appears to be raised on a pedestal. No, this is not a pedestal. This is a trailer!
  • Trailerable boats – requirements for trailering
    A trailerable boat offers freedom and independence. Today on the Rhine and tomorrow maybe in Croatia: a trailerable boat can be theoretically slipped or craned wherever you want and is not limited to the waterways or coastal sections near the mooring.
  • Transfers
    A Handful of our Customers will be happy to share in Your exclusive Handover of Your Boat. Here You can see Excerpts of the special Day.
  • TEST: Wassersport 4/2016 >>29 -Yachtline<<
    The 29-foot version of the Greek Drago shipyard at the berth is high-sided, but still stretched, and thus manages to display a degree of sporty aggressiveness that pleases the sporty driver but does not scare the touring skipper. From the plastic forge of the well-known
  • We are looking For Reinforcements!
    Öchsner Boote is a Family Business specialising in trailable cabin boats, In which innovative Boats are produced with the highest level Of Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail. We are looking for Full-/part time:
  • Evaluate our Testimonials
    You are cordially invited to evaluate all our Testimonials. Let us know which One you like best. We look forward to Your Feedback and are looking forward to the Results. Under this LINK, you can check out the best reviews
  • 23 -Yachtline- only limited Number Available
    Our 23 -Yachtline- can only be ordered by the End of May 2019. After this Time, orders can no longer be accepted.
  • 20-Yachtline-//TEST BOOTE Magazine 03/19
    Before looking for the Purchase of a New Boat decides, faces off Always the First question: “How long should my boat actually be and what do I want to do with it? ”Anyone who wants to trailer it also has to deal with the weight of the boat plus the trailer. Without a complex braking system
  • New Login Area for our Customers
    Here You can see our New Login section for all our New Customers. This Service helps our Customers to have all the important Documents and Videos in one Look.
  • The construction of our boats is in full swing …
    The construction of our boat is in full swing and we are looking forward to the coming delivery season! Your ÖCHSNER-BOOTE Team
  • We are full again!
    After the Fair, all our Models are to be admired again in our Exhibition Hall. Make an Appointment! We look forward to seeing you. Your ÖCHSNER-BOOTE Team
  • You can be excited …
    After the fair, it is known that the fair is before the fair. The next projects are already in full swing. Keep an eye on our homepage, you can be excited. Your ÖCHSNER-BOOTE Team
  • Happy New Year 2019
    ÖCHSNER-BOOTE wishes You a good Start to the new Year 2019
  • SR25-Yachtline-//TEST BOOTE Magazine
    Who the Company Öchsner-Boote in Kürnach visits, notices quickly that it is a family-run company. This includes Senior Dieter Öchsner with his wife Rosi, son and current managing director Florian, daughter Carina and of course the sales and office team.
  • SR30 -Yachtline- // WasserSport TEST
    To designate THE Öchsner SR30 Yachline as a trailer boat is already forbidden on the basis of the size – trailer yacht would be more suitable here. Because the yacht looks huge on the trailer – still generous in the water. In order to do this, sophisticated manufacturing-related detailed solutions were necessary
  • BOOTE magazine tests Öchsner-BOOTE
    Again, we were allowed to make our boats available to BOOTE magazine for 2 days for testing purposes. The weather played us well and we are excited to see what the test results are in the expenses. You will find out which boats you will find out in the next editions of the “BOOTE”
  • 20-Yachtline-WASSERSPORT TEST 4-2018 with WIDE-BEAM
    Anyone who adds “uncomplicated independence”, “distant destinations” and “boating” inevitably comes to the result “trailer boat”. There are many of them, and most of them serve their purpose. The boats of the trailer boat specialist Öchsner-Boote from Kürnach should do a little more than that
  • SR25 -yachtline- test in WasserSport
    … Now the Family Shipyard drills the Model Line with SR 25 Yachline Their Family Affiliation Clearly recognizable, their Character But is completely independent … The Öchsners themselves also have an experienced hand on the drawing pen in terms of design and set accents where it matters
    ÖCHSNER SR30 YACHTLINE A cabin boat that is trimmed for trailerability and travel comfort … If you just want to transport your boat on a normal braked trailer, you cannot ignore the technical data of 3.5t gross vehicle weight and a width of 2.55m.
  • DRAGO 29 -YACHTLINE- Skipper-Test
    Boats Öchsner from Kürnach near Würzburg is known for its individual equipment details. The Drago 29 Olymp stands out clearly above what has been known for a long time. With a length of 9.05m, the cabin boat in the basic configuration weighs just 2700kg and makes the crew very agile.
  • DRAGO 27 WIDE-BEAM -BOOTE-Test 135PS/250PS
    DRAGO ÖCHSNER 27 AB OLYMP YACHTLINE: Well trailable Kayak boat, which we tested with two different Outboards … When you hear the sales talks from Dieter Öchsner, the boss of the boat trade of the same name in Kürnach near Würzburg, you quickly realize
  • DRAGO 27-YACHTLINE-SKIPPER test In Special Print
    In Friedrichshafen, the brand new Drago 27 Olympus celebrated its World Premiere. In close cooperation with the Greek shipyard, Dieter Öchsner designed a spacious cabin boat of the 8 m class that can also be trailered with a small off-road vehicle. We tried the boat
  • DRAGO 601 WIDE-BEAM-YACHTLINE skipper Comparison test
    The Drago 601 Wide Beam is based on the very successful Drago 600 model, whose running properties have convinced many water sports enthusiasts for years. That is why the hull was also largely taken over. The decisive difference, however, is the widening in the rear third
  • In Test: 23-YACHTLINE-from BOATS.COM
    Öchsner-Boote from Kürnach has specialized in trailerable cabin boats between around six and nine meters in length, such as the new Drago 23 Yachtline, which has been added to the entry-level segment since the 2015 season. It is Öchsner’s own line
  • SKIPPER Testet in 3/2016
    The first Test Results for The Drago 23 yacht line are gradually being published And The Trade press is in complete agreement. What the Company ÖCHSNER-BOOTE has built up here corresponds to an absolutely high-quality Boat of the Premium class. The first thing everyone falls
  • Drago 29 WIDE-BEAM DIESEL/BENZIN comparison test in “BOOTE magazine”
    Still trailer a 29-foot boat? No problem with the Drago 29 Yachtline, says Florian from the boat service of the same name. The trick: the hull and deck are manufactured in the so-called “low-wood system”. This means that as little wood as possible is laminated in, instead Drago uses molded GRP