Öchsner-Boote is a German family business specializing in trailable cabin boats, in which innovative boats are manufactured with the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

At the Heart of our entrepreneurial Endeavor are the first-class Quality of our Products and the deep-rooted conviction to improve our Boats time and again with Innovations. We are always on the Lookout for new Ideas and efficient Solutions for our Customers.



24. July 2020


The SX20 -YACHTLINE- is the further development of the 20 -YACHTLINE-. The facelift includes new features and the implementation of small changes with a big impact for even more driving fun and comfort.

Alu-Trailer x35v

26. May 2020

Alu-Trailer x35v

The new aluminum trailer x35v is specially built by us for the SRX30 -YACHTLINE- and is perfectly matched to the largest trailerable boat. With a weight saving of approx. 100kg compared to a steel trailer, the new x35v allows a significantly higher payload and offset axles enable more stable driving behavior.

21. September 2019

At the Interboot trade fair in Friedrichshafen, the new SRX30 -YACHTLINE- was presented, the further development of the popular SR30, with new features and additional comfort. And we can still proudly claim to build the largest trailerable boat in Europe!

New Login Area for our Customers

8. March 2019

New Login Area for our Customers

This service helps our customers to have all important documents and videos at a glance.

New Logo

1. January 2019

New Logo

Expansion of the halls

16. January 2018

The location in Kürnach, Brückentorstr. was extensively expanded. The new halls and the space gained are necessary in order to be able to meet the constantly high demand.

1. September 2017

Introduction of the SR25 Yachtline with WIDE-BEAM hull. The refinements and technical highlights of the SR30 have been transferred to a sporty 25 foot boat. Multifunctional roof, water seat, gangway, glass cockpit and much more. leaves nothing to be desired.

1. September 2016

Introduction of the SR30 -Yachtline- with WIDE-BEAM special hull Trailer a 10 meter boat is unique today! After many years of development and the entire know-how of the Öchsner-boats company, we succeeded in 2016 in offering a boat of this size and without sacrificing luxury and comfort. And all that under 3.5t!!!

1. September 2015

Introduction of the 23 -Yachtline- with WIDE-BEAM hull The tests in the large boat magazines confirm that the 23 -Yachtline- is sporty and lively handling across the board. With a lot of sunbathing area and a very large cabin for 23 feet, it is the ideal compromise between sports and touring boats with superior comfort.

1. September 2014

The 29 -Yachtline- receives an upgrade in the form of the modern WIDE-BEAM hull. With this development we have been able to further modernize the 29 -Yachtline-. More space, more efficiency, less fuel consumption, better driving behavior, and much more.

25. January 2014

Introduction of the 20 -Yachtline- with WIDE-BEAM hull With a good 6m, it offers 2-3 beds with toilet room and pantry block -Where can you find something similar? -. The wide-beam hull ensures great driving characteristics and reduces fuel consumption by 22%.

1. September 2013

Introduction of the 27 -Yachtline- with WIDE-BEAM hull

1. January 2013

LOW-WOOD-SYSTEM – Wood is considered an easy to process and inexpensive building material. Wood expands greatly due to temperature fluctuations and once wood has “drawn” water it becomes permanently heavier and loses its original stability. This and its higher weight is not desired – especially in trailerable boat building. That is why all of our boats are now produced using the LOW-WOOD method. Many WOOD elements are being replaced by more stable, lighter, weather-resistant GRP frames. The extra effort pays off for the entire life of the boat.

1. January 2013

WIDE-BEAM special hull Probably the most influential innovation in recent years. After a good 8 years of development, we have achieved something unique. Optimal lateral stability, improved driving characteristics, still TRAILERABLE, problem-free CRANEABLE, 22% fuel savings, more usable volume, improved rough water characteristics, lower draft, maximum acceleration. How exactly does that work? Just ask us.

1. September 2012

The Drago 27 (now 27 -Yachtline-) is presented. An overbuilt outboard creates many advantages that were not possible before. The boat has been completely redeveloped by Öchsner-boats.

17. January 2012

Florian Öchsner founds Öchsner-Boote GmbH & Co. KG. The GmbH & Co KG takes over the day-to-day business. Florian Öchsner heads the company as managing director. Dieter Öchsner is at his side with advice and action and is increasingly concentrating on the new development of various boat models.

1. September 2010

Introduction of the Drago 29 (now 29 -Yachtline-). For a long time the largest trailerable cabin boat (2016 outbid by the SR30 also by Öchsner boats) Trailer a 9m boat without a special permit is still considered unbelievable by many even today.

1. January 2008

The sale of Crownline and Coverline will be discontinued in order to concentrate fully on own boat developments.

Expansion of the industrial park

1. January 2002

The company expands by more than 2000 square meters – additional exhibition halls and parking spaces for wintering are gained.

1. January 2000

With Florian Öchsner, the second generation joins the company. From now on, father & son manage the fortunes of the company and develop the company together in big steps.

1. January 1994

Start of selling the brands Crownline and Coverline.

Zur Guten Fahrt

7. January 1986

Zur Guten Fahrt

Dieter Öchsner founds the company Zur Guten Fahrt on January 7th, 1986, the foundation stone is laid. . Right from the start, the company offers: Motor boats Trailer Transport trailer Maintenance / service Charter and boat transport