SR25 -Yachtline- on the Main

SR25 -Yachtline-

Length: 8,04m
Width: 2.48m
Weight: 2,500kg

Here you will find testimonials and pictures of our customers who would like to write about their experiences with their SR25 -Yachtline- and share their experiences with you.

  • Experience report SR25 -Yachtline-: Rhine
    In perfect weather, our freshly polished boat with its new biocide-free antifouling was first taken through the harbor channel onto the Rhine. There we were …
  • Experience report SR25 -Yachtline-: Havel, Bodden waters western Baltic Sea
    The SR25 -Yachtline- is absolutely ideal for me After I have been using a small garden shed on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom for …
  • Field report 23 -Yachtline-: Main & Croatia
    We have been enthusiastic boaters for a very long time, 30 years in fact. At first we started with a very small sports boat… when …
  • Experience report SR25 -YACHTLINE-: Rhine
    “Op Jöck” with our SR25 -YACHTLINE- “Op Jöck”, that´s our plan which we made in 2019 to explore the area on German and later on …
  • Experience report 23 -YACHTLINE-: Croatia
    My family and I go on vacation every year. Once over Pentecost and once in August. Still, I believe that no vacation has ever been as good as the previous one. It all started when we went to the “Interboot” trade fair on Lake Constance – just to “look”, of course.
  • Experience report 23 -Yachtline-: Rhine, Lake Constance and Ijsselsea
    On our boating holidays (with charter boats) in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania, the desire for your own boat grew from year to year. Our visits to the Interboot boat fair made us aware of the Öchsner-Boote company. We quickly found out that we
  • Experience report SR25 -Yachtline- Potsdam u. Berlin
    In the 10/2018 issue of the “Boats” magazine we found the report on the SR25 Yachtline from Öchsner Boote. Up to now we had a smaller day cruiser from American / Polish manufacture with only a small cabin. We found the large cabin
  • Experience Report SR25 + 23-Yachtline-Croatia/Italy
    In the Summer of 2016 we were on Holiday with our Bayliner on the beautiful Island Rab in Croatia. There we became aware of the Company Öchsner-boote GmbH & Co. KG for the first time. In September 2016, we visited the Öchsner-Boote stand on the Interboat
  • Experience Report 23-Yachtline-Dalmatia Tour
    On 22:08. Our Adventure holiday Began with our new Boat, the 23 yachtline. We had already successfully passed some short breaks with overnight stays, but it is nevertheless quite another to live on the Boat for 14 Days as a couple. With durable Food and the Essentials, we were covered and excited
  • 23-Yachtline-Stettiner Haff/Baltic Sea
    In March it was time, we were able to pick up our 23 -Yachtline- in Pumpafter at Öchsner’s. We bought The Boat very spontaneously at the Berlin Boat show the Year before. We really liked the really great Support and Advice at the Stand and we had immediately fallen in love