20 -Yachtline- Croatia photo shooting

SX20 -Yachtline-

Length: 5.95m
Width: 2.28m
Weight: from 1,500kg

Here you will find testimonials and pictures from our customers who would like to write about their experiences with their 20 or SX20 -Yachtline- and share their experiences with you.

  • Experience report SX20 -YACHTLINE-: Schlei, Ostsee, Falshöft bis Damp
    On the road with camper and SX20 -Yachtline- With an Öchsner SX20 -Yachtline- behind the camper, we set out to redefine vacation for us.In the …
  • Experience report 20 -Yachtline-: North Sea coast
    Interest and purchase (and oh yes, the “driver´s license sea”) Originally from the Rhineland, me and my brother-in-law got the sport boat license inland on …
  • Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE-: Darßer Boddenlandschaft
    The desire for a boat on our own grew bigger and bigger After I had been sailing annually with a men’s crew for many years, …
  • Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE-: Main and Rhine
    For the first time in 2016, we noticed the boats of the Öchsner shipyard at the Boot trade fair in Düsseldorf: the compactness (equipment relative to the length/width of the boat) and, above all, the WIDE-BEAM hull shape combined with the corresponding driving characteristics. With this realization
  • Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE-: Elbe
    My wife Rita and I have often rented a boat on holidays by the water, but at some point we wanted to own our own. When we visited the boat show in Leipzig in 2016, we particularly noticed a Drago 601 from the company Öchsner among the many brands and shapes on offer.
  • Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE- Croatia
    The 20 -Yachtline- has already caught our eye on previous vacations (a holiday friend owns this boat). That’s why we decided to buy it. The workmanship and quality are very good and the driving characteristics have convinced us. After the first ditch
  • Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE-: Lake Constance
    The 20 -Yachtline- already caught our attention at the boat show in 2018. With a length of almost 6 meters, we found the room layout optimal for this boat size and the good workmanship also convinced us. At that time, however, we were unfortunately unable to
  • Experience report 20 -Yachtline-: Berlin and Brandenburg
    In 2018 we did the SBF inland certificate and decided to buy a boat. During the following extensive research we became aware of the company Öchsner-Boote. Soon we received a friendly welcome there, competently and openly advised and received
  • Experience report 20 -Yachtline-: Lake Garda and Croatia
    In mid-2018 the time had finally come! Bettina and I had left many eventful professional years behind us and now wanted to devote ourselves to a shared hobby that was quite new for us: it should be maritime, with our own boat, changing areas – and at reasonable costs.
  • Experience report 20 -Yachtline- Three country trip
    After one of us had his boating license, the dream of owning a boat became stronger and stronger. In some places it is possible to rent a boat spontaneously, but in Rhineland-Palatinate this is rather rare. We also wanted our own boat
  • 20-Yachtline-Ruhrpott Idyll
    In January, out of sheer Curiosity, I visited the Boat Show. I got an Impression of the many great Motorboats and the technical Progress that there was, especially in the Drives and Engines. In the Afternoon I hit the Stand of Öchsner boats. The Exhibition Boats
  • 20-Yachtline- at the Sea with 80 HP? -Croatia 2017
    Hello everyone. We would like to share with you our Experiences and Experiences with the 20-Yacht line ÖCHSNER-BOOTE with WIDE-BEAM (80PS HONDA). “We” are 2 Adults and a Toddler (under 2 Years) who have not yet travelled by The Sea by boat and
  • Experience report Lake Constance/CROATIA 601 YACHTLINE
    When we went to Kürnach on April 29, 2016, we were allowed to take over our dream boat with a brand new 601 WB. Thanks to previous experience in the water sports sector, our ideas had taken shape in detail and were implemented with this new boat.