29 -Yachtline- Croatia

29 -Yachtline-

Length: 9.05m
Width: 2.55m
Weight: 3,350kg-3,500kg

Here you will find testimonials and pictures from our customers who would like to write about their experiences with their 29 -Yachtline- and share their experiences with you.

  • Experience report 29 -YACHTLINE-: Peene
    The time had come: in August 2020 we were able to use our new 29 -Yachtline- for a longer tour for the first time.  We …
  • Experience report 29 -YACHTLINE-: Moselle
    We were looking for a bigger boat that we could stay on at weekends and on vacation. On recommendation we drove to Kürnach in June 2018 to have a look at the 29 -YACHTLINE-. We liked it so much that we had the signed sales contract
  • Experience report 29 -Yachtline- Bodensee
    With the 29 -Yachtline- we got really right. The comfort and space of our new boat absolutely convinced us. We did everything right by buying this boat and can only recommend it to others.