Why our boats are so special

Material and construction

Our boats are manufactured entirely by hand lay-up (hand-laminated). This allows us to implement more complex shapes, different wall thicknesses and our honeycomb structure. Other processes are sometimes faster, but do not achieve the same uniform processing quality, the complexity of the parts and end up being much heavier.

We manufacture parts of the -Yachtline- models from a GRP honeycomb sandwich composite. This process is characterized by very good alternating strength under vibrating loads and dimensional stability under strong temperature fluctuations. This modern “honeycomb” structure helps us to greatly reduce the weight and optimize the stability and strength of the boat.

The double-shell hull construction made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) also ensures high stability and is lighter than a conventional hull. It offers you the greatest possible safety and ensures a pleasant climate in the cabin thanks to intermediate ventilation.

Instead of using wood to stiffen the fuselage, as in conventional construction methods, a complete laminate rib system is used. Thanks to this elaborate design, your boat will remain as stable and safe as on the first day throughout its entire life, despite moisture and other influences.


WIDE-BEAM hulls are developed and produced by us and delivered exclusively to the end customer. We use a combination of state-of-the-art production processes and elaborate manual work to meet our high standards of quality and durability.

As soon as the boat lifts out of the water, the side flanks are only used for stabilization or to compensate for cross waves. The actual walking comfort is now provided by the hull with its specially shaped stringers. This combination enables us to achieve top rough water driving characteristics.

More buoyancy at the stern also reduces the draught and the mass that has to be accelerated through the water. The reduced friction noticeably reduces fuel consumption and up to 22% less engine power is required to get the boat planing very quickly and keep it planing.

Compared to a conventional V-shaped hull, the WIDE-BEAM hull ensures a stable lateral position when stationary thanks to its extended hull sides and the resulting wider contact surface on the water. At low displacement speeds, the WIDE-BEAM technology results in ideal directional stability and impresses when accelerating with a barely noticeable rise in the bow.



Advantages of WIDE BEAM hull

  • Optimum lateral stability at rest or when driving slowly
  • Still TRAILABLE without special permission
  • Extremely noticeable fuel savings
  • 22% more engine power with the same driving characteristics
  • Improved rough water properties
  • Lower draught
  • Maximum acceleration values
  • Easy to slip
  • No restrictions when craning