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The first Test Results for The Drago 23 yacht line are gradually being published And The Trade press is in complete agreement.
What the Company ÖCHSNER-BOOTE has built up here corresponds to an absolutely high-quality Boat of the Premium class.

First of all, everyone notices the absolutely valuable Workmanship and the thoughtfully thought-out Design. Because of the complete expansion in Kürnach b. Würzburg, everything is made from a Single hand and from a “Cast.” Everything is just right here.

The Acceleration Values speak for themselves from “Sprinter king” to “absolutely enormous Acceleration” which excites you.
The “stable Location and Running Resistance” (mainly due to the most modern WIDE-BEAM Fuselage) is convincing and shows that the Öchsners are really familiar with the Matter And are accommodating Your Field of expertise.

The very important term that the Topic of “Security” is very important in all Areas goes without saying.

In Short:
The Fa. ÖCHSNER-BOOTE has achieved an astonishingly good Coup and has created a Boat that defines new Standards in its Class

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