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Travel Facts
  • Boot: 27 -Yachtline-
  • Motor: Honda BF-250 XU
  • Fahrgebiet: Donau
  • Besatzung: 2 Personen
  • Bootserfahrung: Erfahren

At the beginning Of May 2017 we picked up our Boat in Kürnach. We were not Newcomers to Boats, but it was still an intensive "Information Pressure Refuelling." But it has fully fulfilled its Purpose, that we knew and knew everything Important from Day 1. Unforgettable are the Shunting Skills of Mr. Öchsner and the short Test Drive on the Main – and last but not least the didactically sophisticated Repetitions to deepen everything right away ... Thanks Again To Mr. Küffner and Mr. Öchsner (Junior and Senior) for the excellent Handover, which helped us feel comfortable on the Boat from the Very beginning.


Handover in Kürnach


The beautiful Boat: It gets wet

After we trailed eastwards to our Berth in the Danube, a wonderful first Season began with the "Schifferl." And since we live near the River, we were able to enjoy not only during the Holidays, but also on weekends or in the Evening the new Boat and the Danube.


At The Jetty

Such a new Boat must of course also be christened – the Flagging Of the Boat crane in the Club seen in the Picture was not our Idea, but the Club Board was apparently of the opinion that this Boat was worth the Effort ...

Clear for Booty Baptism


Regensburg: Stone bridge and Cathedral with Rear Wave

In the Summer we first made shorter Trips in the immediate Vicinity, again and again to The Walhalla Below Regensburg, at whose Feet you can not only anchor, but also swim wonderfully – which is not a good Idea everywhere in the Danube.

Anchorage in The best Position: The Walhalla

The Highlight of the Boat season, however, was the Summer holidays, in which we spent almost two Weeks on the water and went down donauto To Krems in the Wachau – and of course back –. It was a wonderful Ride where we saw a lot of Places for the first Time from a River perspective. The Kremsers kindly thought it appropriate to open a Folk Festival with a gigantic Fireworks display, just on the Day we Arrived. And they were even attentive enough to make sure that the Bow of our Boat in the beautiful Kremser Marina was fireworks lodge, so to speak. Only drinks suitable for the Occasion we had to get ourselves ...

Evening Atmosphere on Board


For this Look you have to walk: The Danube on the Schlögener Nose


Dürnstein/Wachau from a Water Perspective

During these Boat holidays we were able to learn in the Literal Sense that the Boat is really comfortable and functional. The quickly converted from the inside out, the good and variable lighting, the comfortable Entry Depending on the Jetty sideways or over the Rear, the massive rub also on the Windshield, the variable bench bent sun lounger in the Rear, the amazingly powerful and Quiet Fridge, the generous and accessible Storage space, the large Bed with neat Headroom in the Bow – our Wishes to the Boat were all fulfilled.


Anchorage in a Danube Altwasser

Finally, two technical Things: Since we do not have an excessively high Opinion of our Manoeuvrage skills, we played it safe and had a Bow Thruster Installed. Of course, we will never know how it would have been without it, but when Manoeuvring in and out of the boat Boxes of the Marinas, we were already very happy for the Joystick. And we opted for the stronger Engine variant (250 HP) – which is absolutely recommended on the Danube with sometimes violent Current, especially under Bridges.

How big the Boat and how strong the Engine should be, of course, everyone has to decide for themselves. However, We can safely say after the first Season that we have not regretted the purchase of the 27 yacht line with WIDE-BEAM for a Second and can recommend the Boat and the Company Öchsner at any time.

We look forward to an early End to bootless Time and a beautiful 2018 season!

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