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In our last article we announced that we will not be participating in the Interboot 2020 trade fair in Friedrichshafen. The reason for this is, among other things, the few empirical values for the successful implementation of a trade fair in times of Corona.

For many interested parties in our boats, this raises the question of how they can get more information and extensive advice instead. Because for many, the distance to our office in Kürnach near Würzburg is very long, so that an appointment in our house would take an enormous amount of time.

But we have found a solution.

boot Düsseldorf 2020, SRX30 Yachtline
Trade fair Düsseldorf

Major events encourage creative solutions

The corona pandemic also has its positive sides: it encourages rethinking existing concepts and thus enables new, creative solutions. One example of this is the home office, which until recently was unthinkable for many companies. But working (together) from a distance has proven to be quite feasible.

And we are building on this and now also offer the possibility of a -YACHTLINE- online consultation.

-YACHTLINE- online consultation – this is how it works

Skype is known to many and is convincing because of its distribution and the extensive possibilities as a medium for online consultation of our -YACHTLINE- boats.

Make yourself comfortable with your device (preferably a computer, laptop or tablet) and possibly a headset. Whether in the garden, comfortably on the couch or in your favorite café – the audio-visual consultation takes place at a location of your choice.

You will see Mr. Küffner’s split screen on your device, who will guide you virtually through the respective boat. In the meantime, he will answer all your questions and put together your dream boat live during the consultation.

YACHTLINE online consultation

No experience? No problem!

If you have no experience with Skype & Co., you do not have to worry or fear about it. Everything will be explained to you in detail and if you do not want or cannot be filmed during the consultation, that is perfectly fine.

A Skype account is not absolutely necessary as you can also take part in the online consultation as a guest.

Briefly about the process: You will receive a link by email, open it in your browser and grant access to the microphone and camera (the latter only if you want to). Then join the meeting with a click. That’s it .

Does an online consultation replace an on-site appointment?

A -YACHTLINE- online consultation can replace an appointment in our house, but it doesn’t have to. It can also provide you with all the important information you need to make a decision about an on-site appointment.

If after the consultation you are sure that you would like to experience the boat live again, you can always make an additional appointment with us in Kürnach.

Make an appointment for an online consultation

Are you interested in online consultation? Then make an appointment with us using the contact form. We will contact you shortly.

Make an appointment for a -YACHTLINE- online consultation

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    Click on the picture to go to the model page of the respective boat.

    20 -Yachtline- Croatia photo shooting

    Length 5.95 m
    Weight from 1,500 kg


    Length 8.04 m
    Weight from 2,500 kg

    29 -Yachtline- Croatia

    Length 9.05 m
    Weight 3,350 – 3,500 kg


    Length 10.23 m
    Weight 3,400 – 3,500 kg

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