New: SRX30 YACHTLINE with aluminum trailer 3500kg x35v

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Our SRX30 -YACHTLINE- is currently the largest trailerable boat. With a length of 10.23m - which was unimaginable until a few years ago - it is the perfect combination of flexibility in terms of driving areas and the greatest possible space and comfort.

With 5 beds and a license for a maximum of 8 people, it is the ideal boat for families or trips with friends. Couples, on the other hand, appreciate the luxury of size, especially on longer tours with the SRX30 -YACHTLNE-. Generous storage areas and sensible use of space are the magic words here. The modern designed pantry and the light-flooded bathroom add the icing on the cake to a well thought-out interior concept.

Shadow lovers will find their place as well as sun worshipers on the foredeck or the convertible rear deck area - either with or without the use of the practical sun sails. From the large bathing platform, the refreshing water becomes a real experience. If you only want a little cooling, this is possible from the variable water seat.

The SRX30 -Yachtline- offers maximum comfort in the trailerable area. How we manage that the boat incl. trailer remains below the magical limit of 3.5t despite its size an equipment can be found out in our article Large and Light - the secret of the Öchsner boats.


The right 3500kg trailer x35v for the SRX30 YACHTLINE


In order to be able to take full advantage of the SRX30 Yachtline, the right trailer is essential. Please also read our article on the requirements for trailerability.

Recently, our customers have had the choice between a normal steel trailer or a lighter aluminum trailer for the boat. The advantages of our new aluminum trailer x35v:

1. The weight of the aluminum trailer 3500kg x35v

The biggest advantage of the new aluminum trailer x35v is obvious: our aluminum trailer for 3500kg tensile load allows a weight saving of approx. 100kg compared to a steel trailer!

For a boat that fully pushes the limits of trailerability, this means 100kg of luxury, because it noticeably increases the load options.


2. Offset axles for better driving behavior

A lurching trailer can be very uncomfortable while driving and does not necessarily convey a feeling of safety. Therefore, our new 3500kg x35v aluminum trailer has two offset axles, which reduce the risk of lurching to a minimum and ensure noticeably more stable driving behavior.


3. Perfectly matched to the SRX30 YACHTLINE

There are many aluminum trailers for boats. Since we developed the trailer x35v especially for the SRX30 -YACHTLINE-, our new 3500kg aluminum trailer is perfectly matched to the boat and thus ensures optimum transport safety.

So the two are the perfect combination to move the team comfortably and safely on the road. And while driving, you could almost forget that you are currently trailering a 10m boat.


SRX30 YACHTLINE with aluminum trailer x35v - the perfect combination

The SRX30 -YACHTLINE- and our new aluminum trailer are not just made for each other.

If you have any questions about our new aluminum trailer with 3500kg tensile load, we are happy to help.


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