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Experience Report SX20 -Yachtline-: Lake Thun Switzerland

  • Boat model: SX20 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Honda BF 100 LRTU
  • cruising area: Lake Thun Switzerland
  • crew: Adrian and Diana Roth
  • crew experience: 2 years

Our second season with the SX20 -Yachtline-

We started our second boat season in April 2023 at Lake Thun. Thanks to the experience we gained last year with getting in and out of the water, we were significantly faster this year and were able to cut the time in half. Dealing with our yachtline was also much easier for us.
The handling of the boat is bombastic. We became more willing to experiment and were able to get to know our boat even better. The integrated Garmin always helps us to recognize the shallows early, and we highly recommend it.

We spend our days off on board the SX20 -Yachtline-. If we have a lot of time, we spend the night on the boat. In July we spent a whole week on Lake Thun with our Calypso. The comfort is really very good. 35 degrees during the day and pleasantly cool in the cabin at night. We still have two little pugs with us, the bed is big enough for all of us. The lighting in the evening is sufficient to find your way around and read a book. This summer we were surprised at night by a thunderstorm with heavy rain … no problem, our Yachtline handled it brilliantly and we stayed dry in the cabin. Preparing small meals such as breakfast and dinner yourself is no problem.
Since I, Diana, the first sailor on board, now enjoy boating so much, I will also get my boating license over the winter. So that
I can be promoted to captain by the start of the season in spring!

Conclusion: We don’t want to do without our Yachtline anymore!

After the second season, the SX20 -Yachtline- is still highly recommended. The technology on board makes driving much easier. The small and tight turning circle makes it possible to get into any gap. Gasoline consumption is in the lower range. With the 100 hp engine we are sufficiently motorized. Water sports? No problem, the fun factor is guaranteed!

This year we discovered that the Yachtline is also suitable for babies. Our grandchild has been on the boat with us from time to time, even the child seat has found its place on board. We don’t want to be without our Yachtline anymore and are already looking forward to next season, with our dog and grandchildren.

With nautic greetings
Family Roth

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