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The YACHTLINE customer area

If you buy a -YACHTLINE- from us, the service does not end with the intensive instruction - the scope of which is extraordinarily detailed compared to other providers - and the following handover of the new boat.

Because all of our customers receive the access data for our online customer area shortly after signing the contract. Under "My Account" you will find everything about the respective boat model:

    • Documents such as the declaration of conformity, the owner's manual etc.
    • Manuals for all devices that we usually install in the respective model
    • Checklists on different topics
    • public and non-public product videos
    • Instruction videos for all relevant thematic areas

    Example for the customer area

    The instruction videos - the central part of the customer area

    A total of almost 240 minutes of video material are available. But the central part of our customer area is the instruction videos with a total of 170 minutes.

    That's an average of over 40 minutes of instruction videos per model!

    Thematically, the videos range from general areas such as slipping to model-specific technic videos.

    They are ready for you before the delivery date, so that you can bridge the anticipation for your new boat and prepare yourself well for the big day. As a result, you will not hear many things for the first time during the instruction and will not feel overwhelmed with the amount of information.

    But even after picking up the boat, these videos are helpful. Because we are aware that the flood of information on the pick-up date is enormous and some things are not immediately remembered.

    How did that work with slipping?
    How do I have to strap the boat during transportation?

    Whether at home or in the event of an acute problem on site: simply watch the corresponding video again.

    Should any questions remain unanswered, the team from Öchsner boats is of course available to you personally and will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.

    Example of an instruction video

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