Küste Kroatiens von einer Drohne aus fotografiert


In EB20, Erfahrungsberichte by SvenK

Travel Facts
  • Boat: Drago 601 (New 20-Yachtline-)
  • Engine: Honda BF-100 LRTU
  • Driving area: Lake Constance & Croatia
  • Crew: 4
  • Boat Experience: Experienced

When we went to Kürnach on April 29, 2016, we were allowed to take over our Dream Boat with a brand new 601 WB. Thanks to previous Experience in The Water Sports sector, our Ideas had taken Shape in detail and were implemented with this new Boat. The comprehensive and competent Handover of the Boat included not Only the Clarification of all outstanding Questions as well as the necessary Formalities, but also a Ride on the Main.

The Following Weekend we took advantage of the easy Trailability Of our New Acquisition for a one-day Short visit to The Main near Bettingen. The Slip process took place without any problems and after only a few Minutes our Boat swam in the Water. The new Honda BF 100 jumped immediately and we drove past the spring-like banks of the Main In a relaxed Glide ride. The Transition from Displacing into Gliding is almost seamless thanks to the Widebeam fuselage. So speed up is really Fun. The slipping at the End of The day also worked great. It is already clear how easy it is to handle the Boat.

The Approval in Konstanz on Lake Constance also guarantees us the Use of this “Dream area.”
Our first Visit to the “Swabian Sea” Took place during the Whitsun Holidays. The Weather was very cool and quite rainy and so we learned to appreciate the high-quality Deck very much.
Every Day, Star rides were taken and interesting Places such as Meersburg, Friedrichshafen or the Island of Reichenau were visited. The External Dimensions of only 6 m In length and 2.3 m In width greatly benefited us in the Ports, we always found a free Place for our Boat. Even a curious Exploratory trip to some small Harbour is no Problem.

For the Summer holiday We trailed to Croatia and enjoyed 3 Weeks of warm Weather, blue Water and Daily Water sports. The Boat proved its Suitability for Pulling a Wakeboarder many times. Our Daughter enjoyed this sport at every Opportunity. The installed Pressurized water System was often used to Rinse The Salt Water. The planned Rear line Makes it very easy to reach the Bathing Platform.
On quiet Days we covered great Distances of more than 100 km, for example we visited the National Park Telašćica as well as the extensive Archipelago of the Kornati Islands. With the post-afternoon typical Wind of the Adriatic and the associated Waves, the Hull Was able to prove its Ability To Smoke water And I can say today that we are very satisfied with the Running Characteristics. The high Freeboard of the Boat gives us a good Feeling of security. To Protect our Trailer, we used a local crane Service in Croatia to Water in and Out.

Our Conclusion after the first Season:
We did with the Drago 601 WB from Fa. Öchsner acquired an easily trailable Sports Boat, which allows us to make quick Changes between far-flung Areas without any problems. It is easy to handle in the Water as well as on Land. The Honda BF100 fits well with this and received the Lake Constance permit without any problems. Despite the manageable Length of only 6 m, a spacious, comfortable Cabin is available, which even includes a separate Toilet Room. The options also installed, such as Built-in Refrigerator, sink, pressurized water and Double Battery System, offer a Comfort that is often only known on significantly larger Boats.

Again and again our Boat aroused the Interest of other Water Sports Enthusiasts (or who still want to become). We were often approached in Ports or Bays about our Experiences with the 601 WB-YACHTLINE and often had interested Visitors on Board, who also liked to take a seat on the beautiful Leather Upholstery. We would like to thank you for the very good and competent advice as well as the Service to the Team Of the Company Öchsner and look back on a nice Water Sports season. Many Greetings Daniela and Holger Lötzsch

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