Experience report SX20 -Yachtline-: Beautiful Lahn Valley

  • Boat model: 20 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Honda BF 60 LRTU
  • cruising area: Lahn
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: Beginners

The SX20 -Yachtline- meets all our minimum requirements

After two vacations on a houseboat on the Havel and a cruise along the entire Norwegian coast, we got boat fever. Retirement was imminent, a beautiful boating area (Lahn) is practically on our doorstep; so what was more obvious than to deal with the purchase of your own boat.
The internet was first searched for suitable offers, taking into account a few minimum requirements, such as a cabin for the night, fridge, toilet, attractive design and of course the amount of the budget. We quickly came across the Öchsner company. The SX20 -Yachtline- seemed to be the right model for us as beginners.

After a brief consultation, the first consultation took place in Kürnach with Mr. Küffner. The advice was very comprehensive: Mr. Küffner took a lot of time to give us newbies detailed and practical answers to all of our questions. The subsequent inspection of the boat made perfect the positive overall impression, so that we carried out the order promptly.
The boat driver’s license also had to be acquired before delivery. Actually quite feasible, but due to Corona, some dates were canceled or postponed. But in the end it worked. We were able to rent a berth from the Laurenburger boating club.

The pick-up in Kürnach

The day of the pick-up was exactly as it was often described in this forum: very professional. The whole Team (Mrs Beck, Mr Küffner and Mr Öchsner) did a great job. After the theoretical and practical instruction, we headed home in the afternoon. All thoughts of whether you could really pass everywhere with the boat on the trailer quickly vanished. Once you have left Kürnach behind you, all the other streets seem very wide. On the A3 northbound, I quickly felt at home between the trucks on the right lane. At home, the astonishment about our new hobby was huge because we kept it secret until the end.

The next day we were able to slip in directly in Laurenburg, with the professional support of Jürgen and Dietmar from the Laurenburger Bootsclub, and head for our berth.

We were very nervous at the first trips, but we calmed down quite fast, because the boat is quite easy to handle even for beginners. The casting off and docking maneuvers were practiced, and thanks to the very friendly lock attendants, we quickly got to grips with the locks. It should be mentioned that there are still facilities on the Lahn that are more than 100 years old and some are equipped with ropes as holding devices.

Beautiful Lahn Valley

We are enthusiastic about the beautiful Lahntal! On the water you can experience the wonderful and diverse landscape from a very special perspective. Narrow, densely wooded steep sections alternate with extensive meadow passages, and the small villages and towns with their rest stops round off the positive overall picture. This special ambience certainly contributes to the relaxed atmosphere and the prevailing good mood of boaters, paddlers, anglers and campers. In some quiet spots that can only be reached by water, the wine well chilled in the refrigerator or the well-deserved beer on the very comfortably upholstered front deck taste even better.

The demand for ‘carpooling opportunities’ among relatives and friends was huge. So we were often ‘fully booked’. Passenger comments ranged from ‘awesome’ to ‘totally slowing down’. The space in the cockpit is sufficient to sit comfortably with four to five people. Everyone was very enthusiastic and some turned out to be true control artists after a short time.

Buying the SX20 -Yachtline- has proven to be the right decision. The quality of the materials, the workmanship, the space available, the pleasant climate in the cabin (when it was actually hot) have made us all the more excited about our second season.

Kind regards, W.S.

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