Experience report SX20 -Yachtline-: Hohenwartestausee and Mecklenburg Lake District

  • Boat model: SX20 -Yachtline-
  • Engine: Honda BF 100 LRTU
  • cruising area: Hohenwartestausee and Mecklenburg Lake District
  • crew: Family
  • crew experience: little experience

We´ll become boat owners! … because dreams have to be lived at some point!

Now the first year as a proud boat owner is coming to an end. Looking back it was exciting and rich in experience, after all we bought a boat. We have been pursuing this dream for years, saving every penny and inquiring for a long time about a suitable boat for us as a family with 2 children (11 + 15). It should be easy to trailer, have a camper hood for bad weather and be flexible for us, with enough space for everyone.

After intensive research, my husband accidentally found the Öchsner Boote website, where you can find good and important information about the boats on offer in advance. After a short time it was clear to us that the SX20 -Yachtline- would suit us, and the price was also within our budget. We finally made an appointment by phone and drove to Kürnach. We received a very friendly welcome and Mr. Küffner gave us extensive and detailed advice about the boat, prices, equipment, regulations and requirements, and we were also able to view the SX20. We drove home with a lot of information and mixed feelings, on the one hand enthusiastic on the other hand very cautious, because there is a lot more to a boat (insurance, parking space, repair costs, suitable car, etc.). We decided to sleep on it for a few nights. During this time, new questions kept coming up, which Mr. Küffner patiently answered over the phone.

So after about 2 weeks we made the decision: we will become boat owners, because dreams have to be lived at some point! If not now then when? No sooner said than done, we sent off the sales contract and transferred the down payment shortly before the handover, then the remaining payment. Now we needed a name for our first boat, that wasn’t easy at all, it should have a meaning and not just any name.

The day came in June: today we become boat owners. Mr. Küffner explained the theory of handling and operation to us in his office. Perfectly staged, Mr. Öchser drove up with our “Majira Sun” (summer sun). Now there it was front of us – this moment was very special for us and will always remain in our memories.
Mr. Öchsner then showed us in detail all the functions of the boat and trailering on the Main. We made our way home with a smile on our faces and a boat on the trailer.

First personal experiences on the Mecklenburg Lake District

The starting point was the Jabelsee, in the marina of Maribell we let our “Majira Sun” into the Müritz, since the Jabelsee and the marina are very sheltered from the wind. We found a berth at the beautifully situated Natur- und Strandcamping Jabelscher See campsite. From there, one and two-day tours took us to the towns of Waren, Röbel and Malchow with the “swing bridge”, which is well worth seeing.

At the adjacent Kölpinsee, our children got their money’s worth on the water ski track, the fun factor was guaranteed. We found our newly created battery pump practical, so we could inflate the huge water couch on site and thus minimized our space problem.

In Waren we stayed one night at the city harbor and for the first time tested sleeping on the boat in four of us. Conclusion: For one or two nights in nice weather, quite feasible.
Vacation on the water is incredibly calming and has an absolute relaxation effect. From the water you see the world with completely different eyes. It was an exciting and great first holiday with our “Majira Sun”!

Trailering for the first time on the home waters of Hohenwartestausee

Full of tension, we now had to trailer alone and implement what was shown. Reversing with a trailer went smoothly, and watering the boat went smoothly. The difficulty lay in slipping out at the unpaved slipway without a jetty, as the wind wasn’t kind to us that day. Only another attempt would help.


Looking back, our first year with the Öchsner SX20 -Yachtline- was a success, we had a lot of fun and exciting tours. We have seen a lot and hope for more exciting years with our “Majira Sun”.
Kind regards, Family G.

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