Experience report SX20 -YACHTLINE-: Schlei, Ostsee, Falshöft bis Damp

  • Boat model: 20 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Honda BF 100 LRTU
  • cruising area: Schlei, Baltic Sea
  • crew: 2
  • crew experience: experienced

On the road with camper and SX20 -Yachtline-

With an Öchsner SX20 -Yachtline- behind the camper, we set out to redefine vacation for us.
In the previous 25 years we spent at least the summer holidays on larger boats. The idea behind the change in the concept was to go to places that could hardly be reached with a seagoing 44-foot boat due to its dimensions.

The first tour in the summer lead us to the Schlei to Karschau. The area is quite protected and the Baltic Sea is not far, so ideal to get to know your boat. The second summer tour was planned in the area of Eider, but… let´s start at the beginning.
In the evening we reached the campsite Karschau and were received very friendly. Slipping in was done the next morning with the groundskeeper’s SUV. A great thing, the ramp is a bit narrow for a camper. The berth, fixed dock with dolphins, typical of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the good maneuverability of the boat, this is no problem even in cross winds. So we went on day trips to the pretty towns of Arnis, Kappeln and Lindaunis, stayed one night in Schleswig, visited the Olpenitz holiday area and finally refueled in Damp.

A multi-day trip to the Flensburg Fjord was canceled because the storm in North Rhine-Westphalia thwarted our plans. In the night of July 15th, we received the message that our home was full of water as a result of the heavy rain and that rescue workers could no longer reach it. We started our journey home the same night. The campsite employee, who rang the bell out of bed, allowed us to leave the boat in the water and pick it up later.

The boat runs surprisingly well

Some time later we picked up our boat, but not without doing a two-day-trip that led us to the Baltic Sea and Maasholm, a nice and busy harbour. The hustle and bustle when everyone is looking for a berth in the evening is worth seeing – harbour theater. Schleimünde is small and idyllic, if not just a pleasure boat has docked. Remarkable on the Baltic Sea was the accompaniment of minke whales on the way to Falshöft. Back in the Schlei we slipped out in Karschau after a night in Arnis.
Süderstapel, Eider and a little bit of the North Sea is now coming up in 2022. The team at the campsite there immediately understood our situation and suggested a rebooking.
Our conclusion: The 6m boat runs surprisingly well and if it gets a bit choppy, water doesn’t come over immediately. It allows a few nights on board and is great to trailer with a mid-size car or a camper.

Kind regards, G&H

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