Experience report SR25 -Yachtline-: Havel, Bodden waters western Baltic Sea

  • Boat model: SR25 -Yachtline-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6 280 gasoline engine
  • cruising area: Havel, Bodden waters western Baltic Sea
  • crew: varying
  • crew experience: Beginners

The SR25 -Yachtline- is absolutely ideal for me

After I have been using a small garden shed on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom for many years, mainly on weekends and holidays, I was also more and more fascinated by the water around me, so that I made the decision to acquire the sports boat license, with the aim of buying my own boat at some point, if finances allow it.

In the fall of 2017, a groundbreaking encounter took place.

I was at the boat show in Berlin and looked at various boats. Purely by chance, I passed the booth of the Öchsner company and was very competently advised by senior partner Dieter Öchsner. I immediately liked the SR25 -Yachtline- because it is practically tailored to me, a sports tourer with a lot of possibilities, excellent driving characteristics, flexible use and also unrestricted trailer capability. Absolutely ideal for me. So despite the connection to the north, I always keep the option open to be able to sail on other waters at a later date without any problems (e.g. a holiday to Croatia).

And then, due to corona, it was a little later than planned in May 2022 and I was able to pick up my SR25, which I had ordered at the beginning of 2021, in Kürnach. A friend, a professional driver, helped me with this.

On the way back from Bavaria we passed my home city of Berlin and so I took the opportunity to launch the boat there (in the marina Potsdam). As a single person, I travel by boat both alone and with friends.

However, since the SR 25 was my very first bread and my experience from the driver’s license training was already a few years ago, I was still a bit unsure and practiced the first few days with a trainer from the local boat school along the Havel, especially mooring and casting off and manoeuvring in narrow places.

The first major tour went from Potsdam under the historically famous Glienicke Bridge over Berlin’s Wannsee, past the Spandau Citadel through the lock there and on via Hennigsdorf to Marina Havelbaude in the town of Hohen Neuendorf.

If I had any questions, the team of the company Öchsner was always available, Mr. Küffner was always able to help me competently!

Spent many nights on the boat in the summer

After a few weeks, we went on to the Baltic Sea island of Usedom via trailer. We launched the boat there in the town of the same name, which got a brand new and modern marina. Around the island of Usedom, the most beautiful tours so far began. It first went around the Szczecin Lagoon with a small detour to the Polish Oder estuary (also good for the on-board budget, because the liter of gasoline was about 60 cents cheaper there than in home waters).

When my summer vacation began, I spent many nights on the boat in good weather next to the garden shed, I drove the Peenestrom further towards the Baltic Sea and booked myself there for some time in the Ückeritzer Marina Stagnies. From there I was able to make beautiful tours over the Achterwasser and also lie idyllically at anchor there. With the folding bike, I was also on the Baltic Sea beach in just a few minutes to swim or play beach volleyball.

In addition, I also pursued the goal of continuing my education in boating skills after the training for a sports boat license that had been done some time ago and acquired the sports coastal boating license. I had already passed the theory exam in Berlin in winter, but the practical exam was still missing, which took place at the end of a practical trip of several days on a large Bavaria sailing yacht.
For this I had to travel to Breege on the island of Rügen. While the other participants of the sailing trip all arrived by land, I was the only one who landed with my own boat at sea in the port of Breege.

So we went with a stopover at the Baltic Sea Resort Kröslin (a beautiful marina opposite Peenemünde) and the City Marina of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund past the island of Hiddensee to Rügen in the port of Breege. I moored my SR25 -Yachtline- almost next to the chartered sailing yacht and only had to change from boat to boat with my duffel bag, while at that time other participants were still stuck in traffic jams on the road. In the meantime, I invited the skipper of the training yacht for a little spin on my boat in the Jasmunder Bodden there. He was particularly enthusiastic about the sporty performance of the SR25’s V6 engine. With the sports coastal skipper’s license in our luggage, we went back to Usedom after about a week and directly to a big harvest festival in the port of Loddin. It was also wonderful to be able to fall into the bunk of your own boat with just a few steps after a boozy celebration with music and dancing.

I am very satisfied with the first boating season

Of course, small beginner’s mistakes happen from time to time. For example, once a line got into the propeller, but the boat’s system reacted quickly and reliably, turned off the engine immediately and informed me about the plotter, so I was able to cut the line with a knife and then unscrew it from the propeller.

An entrance to an idyllic natural harbour once turned out to be not quite as deep as the nautical chart could be seen, so that there was a slight grounding. But again, I benefited from the comfortable system of the boat. As with trailering, I was able to lift the engine a bit with the trim button and thus enter the port safely. It was also a bit of a challenge, especially at the beginning, to moor especially in wind and current when you are traveling alone, but the existing bow thruster is a great relief!

In October I went to winter camp with the SR25 and now I’m already looking forward to the new season.

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