Experience report SR25 -Yachtline-: Rhine

  • Boat model: SR25 -Yachtline-
  • Engine: VOLVO Penta 280 hp gasoline engine
  • cruising area: Rhine
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: Experienced

In perfect weather, our freshly polished boat with its new biocide-free antifouling was first taken through the harbor channel onto the Rhine. There we were traveling at an economical cruising speed and a speed of approx. 3500 rpm in gliding mode. Initially, we passed the industrial backdrop of Duisburg. Then the landscape became greener.
We glided along the Lower Rhine with its green meadows, beautiful villas and interesting encounters on the water towards the state capital. After a journey time of around 1.5 hours, we arrived at the marina in Düsseldorf. There we were immediately met by the water police. However, the gentlemen were very nice and friendly and drew our attention to a few things in the boat equipment that we could improve. The police also issued us with a boat passport listing all the boat’s important data. We docked at the marina in Düsseldorf without any problems and started our weekend trip first in the Harbour City, later we went to Düsseldorf’s old town.

The next day, after a relaxing overnight stay in the boat, we headed to the Königsallee with its many stores and sights. On Sunday afternoon, after another overnight stay in the boat and a visit to the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, we set off on our journey home via the Rhine.
Of course, you also get a lot of information on the road via the built-in radio and you are always well informed. On Sunday afternoon we docked safely in Duisburg Marina and were delighted with the many new impressions we had gained.
The boat ran cleanly and reliably without any problems. We consumed about 0.7 liters of petrol per kilometer.

Best regards W.S.

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