Experience report SR30 -YACHTLINE-: Havel – Müritz – Berlin

  • Boat model: SR30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6 280 DPS
  • cruising area: Berlin-Brandenburg-Mecklenburg/Vorpommern
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: Beginners

The decision-making

We were looking for a suitable sports boat. It should be suitable for boat beginners and also have enough space for family excursions with overnight accommodation for at least 4 persons. Besides all the comfort, it should not lose the sporty character and in the end should also be trailerable. We knew immediately: That won´t be easy! So we started, we researched various boat magazines, visited boat fairs and then the Öchsner company caught our attention. We asked for detailed information material, that immediately arrived in our mailbox. After intensive studies and a few phone calls with Sven Küffner, it was time to get up early on a Saturday and off to Kürnach, because we really wanted to see the boat in reality.
And… what shall we say? The boat lives up to its promise.

The pick-up of the SR30 -YACHTLINE-

In May 2020 the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: we received our “MikaLina” after a detailed briefing and test drive on the Main with Florian Öchsner. Despite the inconvenience of Covid-19, everything was perfectly prepared, so that the transfer on the trailer to our berth at Hennigsdorf city harbor went smoothly. As promised, also the weight was under 3,5t. Despite the large dimensions, the Multivan T6 and trailer could be maneuvered through the narrow village of Kürnach without any problems. The nervousness had disappeared completely on the highway. The trailering and the following mooring in our home port passed without problems, thanks also to the help of our neighbourhood. The first driving trials, especially the undocking and docking manoeuvres really were thrilling, but thanks to the bow thruster and the flawless performance of the boat we were really excited. Nearby boat owners reacted with disbelief that such a large boat is still trailerable, but we easily could refute this with a photo as evidence.

Getting to know each other and spending a lot of time on the boat

Besides the technical highlights like for example the convincing Garmin glass cockpit, the available space is really great. This was confirmed by our guests with admiration on our numerous boat trips on the Berlin waters. Quite a few clever detailed solutions, such as the very variable back seat, which can be quickly transformed into a large lounger or two sun loungers, as well as the comfortable loungers on the deck and especially the Chill & Go water seat, were almost always fully booked.

We used the boat extensively throughout the season. With over 130 hours of operation, a short vacation on the Müritz and on many weekends, we got to know the boat from the ground up. On the trip to the river Müritz, even the narrowest locks could be negotiated without any problems. The boat was excellent to handle when cruising on the Oberhavel in calm waters. Even if you would have wanted to push the lever down, we exercised patience, the Müritz was still about to come. But we had the opportunity to admire the great landscapes from Berlin to the Müritz. The journey was the reward – with overnight stays in Zehdenick in the marinas of Priepert and Mirow, we finally arrived in Röbel. The comfort of the full standing height below deck, the sanitary facilities and the berths are simply inspiring and convincing. The boat cover can be attached very quickly, so that the one or the other rain shower didn’t bother us. We had never thought that a vacation on a boat could be that wonderful. On the Müritz we were could finally test the sporty character of gliding without restriction. Acceleration, speed, cornering behavior – simply ingenious … and all of that a with surprisingly low fuel consumption. The wolf in sheep’s clothing! All in all, we have found the perfect boat for us!


Our conclusion after the first season: The SR30 -YACHTLINE- is a smart, chic boat with outstanding handling characteristics and an exceptional amount of space. In our opinion, the price-performance ratio is great, so there is no better trailerable boat for us of this size. We also ordered the appropriate in-house trailer, which is perfectly tailored to the boat.

We are already looking forward to going on a long journey when it is finally possible to go on vacation again without restrictions, for example on Lake Garda or Croatia.

The friendly and competent advice from Mr. Küffner rounds off the offer, so the SR30 -YACHTLINE- is an absolute purchase recommendation for us!

Best regards from lovely Brandenburg,

Antje und Jürgen Leyer

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