Experience report SR30 -Yachtline: Danish South Sea

  • Boat model: SR30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta D3-170 DPS
  • cruising area: Baltic Sea
  • crew: 2
  • crew experience: Experienced

Our big trip in 2023 took us to the Danish South Sea. Exactly 35 years ago, during a sailing vacation in this fantastically beautiful island world, I resolved to go there again one day with my own boat. It’s a good thing that Öchsner boats are easy to trailer. We managed the journey from Aschaffenburg in 7 hours instead of 7 days – a decisive advantage for non-retirees!

As with our North Sea trip two years ago, we started by launching the boat in the fresh water of the Elbe. The WSC Lauenburg facility is also ideal for safely “storing” the towing vehicle and trailer for 3 weeks. We then headed for the Baltic Sea via the Elbe-Lübeck Canal and the Trave. Neustadt, Burg auf Fehmarn and Heiligenhafen were the first ports of call before we crossed over to Langeland in glorious sunshine and smooth seas. There, in the harbor of Bagenkop with its red wooden houses and white windows, we were immediately greeted by typical Nordic postcard romance. Our next destination was the island of Aerö, for us the epitome of the South Sea idyll – the Danish one. We explored the island by bike and enjoyed the cozy half-timbered houses of Ærøskøbing, Danish liquorice, fantastic views over the rolling hills to the Baltic Sea or the beach house colonies, which are still quite lonely in the low season (June). Faaborg and Svendborg on Funen were a little more urban, but no less attractive.

Unfortunately, the weather is a major factor in planning a trip at sea. We had a lot of sun, but also a lot of wind. We therefore took advantage of a window of calm sea a little earlier than we had planned to cross the Baltic Sea back to the German coast. In 5 hours we sailed about 100 nautical miles to the old Hanseatic city of Wismar. Our little 170 hp diesel ran like clockwork and the 25 l/h that it slurps up during this glide are manageable.
But the sea breeze gave us landlocked sailors the opportunity to perform other maneuvers, such as mooring between dolphins in crosswinds. If it didn’t work on the first attempt, it quickly became routine. Despite its susceptibility to wind due to its low weight, the SR30 with Z-drive and bow thruster can be steered comfortably and reliably.

We spent the last few days hiding from the wind in Boltenhagen and Travemünde before heading back to the Elbe. Even though we would have preferred to stay a little longer in Denmark, it was a great trip. However, waiting another 35 years for a repeat would probably be a bit too long for me …

Kind regards,
Eckhard K., Aschaffenburg

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