Experience report SRX30 -Yachtline-: purchase and pick-up

  • Boat model: SRX30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: VOLVO Penta 280 gasoline engine
  • cruising area: Report of purchase and collection of the boat
  • crew: Christine and Erich Strebel
  • crew experience: With sailing boats since early childhood (approx. 60 years)

My 65th birthday was supposed to be in mid-July 2021. To start the most beautiful phase of my life, I wanted to give myself something very special: it had to be a new boat. Easy to trailer, so that you can make the most beautiful trips in all areas. Nevertheless, it should offer as much comfort as possible and be visually appealing.
Convinced that something like this doesn’t exist or isn’t even possible, I did a lot of research on the internet. Above all, I found misshapened, undefinable ugliness. No, you can’t be proud of something like that – what I found there was no joy.

At some point I found a certain Öchsner shipyard on the internet that claimed to have specialized in trailerable ships. What I saw on their website was too good to be true: a 30 foot motor yacht that is supposed to be trailerable?? And also visually beautiful and sporty? And which also offers all the comfort I want? There is no such thing! But there is, as it turns out.

In spirit I had already bought the SRX30 -Yachtline-!

I spent many days studying Öchsner’s website and the SRX30 -Yachtline- offered on it very intensively. The price calculator was very helpful. This gave me an immediate idea of ​​what the dream would cost. From “much too expensive” to “is actually still possible” to “I should definitely afford that” all thoughts were there. I then compared the investment costs of the Öchsner SRX30 with the help of specialist literature and trade journals with all possible competing boats – and lo and behold: the Öchsner SRX30 -Yachtline- was always the best offer. However: there is nothing directly comparable on the global boat market.

And so it happened that I had already bought the Öchsner SRX30 in my mind – long before I even contacted the shipyard for the first time. My wife and I visited the shipyard in October 2020. Here we were able to see the ship live for the first time – on dry land in a hall. We liked the ship in person even better than in the pictures.

Since everything we had been told by the shipyard had always been correct, we took the risk – and ordered the boat on the same day. We simply believed – and hoped (…) that we could trust these people. It was worth it, as it turned out.

As agreed, we were able to pick up the boat in July 2021 – just in time for my 65th birthday. The handover was very professional: everything was explained and a test drive on the Main was completed. The boat was handed over to us ready to go and we transported it to Switzerland – on Lake Zug. Here we then completed further test runs. Cruises in foreign areas are also planned for 2022.

The first experiences

The shipyard has promised us first class build quality. As far as I can tell, this has come true. As a long-time (sailing) boat owner with many decades of experience, I was even surprised at the many details that remained hidden at the beginning and that I only gradually discovered. Details that cost money to produce, but make up the quality! You can tell that the shipyard has many years of experience and that someone has obviously put a lot of thought into how the boat could be perfected.

I would warmly recommend the offered trailer. The boat runs perfect and track-adherent behind my Nissan Patrol – also at higher speed. I have never recognized a lurch.

As a tender boat the shipyard recommends a hard-bottomed dinghy. I made the experience that this isn´t absolutely necessary. I bought a cheap dinghy (EUR 350.–, length 230 cm) gekauft. This makes the electric dinghy lift device work perfectly and I am very happy with it. And because such a dinghy with 230cm is very light, the driving characteristics of the SRX30 -Yachtline- are hardly affected. It should be noted: if the boat is less than 250 cm long, it does not need papers or a permit in any country or area.

“According to the motto “if so then so” – I had ordered the boat with all the accessory packages offered. And I don´t want to miss a single one! Today I judge the accessory packages to be put together very sensibly and the price-performance ratio is right. And if you already spend so much money, then the accessory packages, which are quite inexpensive compared to other boats and shipyards, are no longer important.

According to the shipyard, the boat should be fastened with the fastening straps over the cleats. That made me frown when it was handed over. When I drove into a harbor (Zug) with the type of fastening recommended by the shipyard, a well-known and very experienced boat builder pointed out to me that fastening the boat using the cleats would certainly very soon cause irreparable cracks in the gelcoat. He said the cleats are definitely not designed for that. But the boat has extra reinforced and padded trailer attachment eyes at the bow and stern. The shipyard should think about that! (Note from Öchsner: In fact, the cleats are designed and reinforced in this way. We strongly recommend that you retain the webbing we described).

The weight of the boat is also interesting: In order to remain within the permitted trailerable range, the boat with trailer must not exceed 3500 kg. When handed over, the boat and trailer weighed exactly 3400 kg (140 kg of which was the drawbar load). We then set up the boat at home with everything you need and weighed it again: It then weighed exactly 3490 kg (complete with trailer).

Kind regards from Switzerland,
E. & C. S.

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