Experience report SRX30 -Yachtline-: Rhine, Moselle, Lake Constance, Croatia

  • Boat model: SRX30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: VOLVO Penta D3-220 Diesel
  • cruising area: Rhine, Moselle, Lake Constance, Croatia
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: Beginners

Originally coming from inland sailing, I decided to upgrade to the SBF See in spring 2019. A boat trip on Lake Wörth made me want to go motor boating. From now on an exciting and eventful time began.

This was followed by research on the internet with the aim of finding a trailerable boat that could still be moved with a T6 California and is suitable for beginners. So it happened that I contacted Mr. Küffner for the first time in June 2019 and had visited the then SR30 -Yachtline- in the Kürnach exhibition hall. As a complete beginner, this boat seemed so incredibly huge to me that I could never have imagined handling something like that myself at the time. The towing vehicle at that time also did not fit.

This was followed by the purchase of a 6.40m bowrider with an outboard engine. Our ‘home base’ was initially the Marina Düsseldorf and smaller tours on the Rhine were undertaken from there. The new hobby was then shared with friends and family on the weekends. It was great fun for everyone and we all had a permanent smile. All were infected from boating.

There we also got to know a couple who already owned a Drago 29 and had just ordered an SRX30 -Yachtline-. The first boat vacation was imminent and since we have friends with Croatian roots, the main destination was quickly set.

In September 2019 we went to Šibenik in the Marina Solares, together with the 6m boat and camper. We explored the surrounding area and immediately fell in love with this wonderful boating area, but also with the country and the people. For us, Croatia has the charm of the “perfectly imperfect”.

So now we were traveling by boat and camper and “stress” arose. From now on we dinged between the marina and the campsite several times a day. Clothes were transported back and forth, boat and camper deserved attention. We became jealous of the boaters who camped on the boats. They were calm and in general it was more chilled in the harbor and a completely different atmosphere than on the campsite.

We wanted that too! The mobile home on the water was needed! Again research on the internet, trade fairs and other media began. This time the goal was to find a boat that was as large as possible but still trailerable. With increasing experience and the detailed idea of ​​what you want and don’t want, it was a real “back and forth”. The considerations went from Bayliner to Cobrey to Sea Ray. All boats had advantages and disadvantages for us, but they all had one thing in common. None was unmistakably really trailerable and the information about the actual dead weight was more than adventurous, insufficient and evasive.

And now it was: wait, wait, wait

So it happened that on May 7th, 2020 we inspected the current SRX30 -Yachtline- again and finally commissioned it on July 17th, 2020, extensively equipped. The equipment list did not correspond to today’s mainstream in two areas. Drive D3 220 hp diesel engine instead of the V6 petrol engine and in addition to the bow thruster also stern thruster. The former due to the approx. 1/3 lower consumption in connection with the greater range that can be achieved and the generally greater availability of diesel fuel in certain areas. In addition, the diesel engine is lighter, slightly quieter and feeds in more charging current. The stern thruster due to respect for demanding harbor maneuvers, accompanied by unfavorable wind and current conditions. The Z-drive is really a model for easy manoeuvrability, but the combination of both thrusters makes it even more stress-free:
Turning on the spot, driving sideways in or out of tight spaces, positioning the boat with centimeter precision – even in adverse weather conditions. Especially when mooring with one hand, the boat can even be maneuvered from the jetty – in combination with the remote control. Conclusion: The right decision for us as beginners.

Now the time of anticipation and waiting began until finally, on May 19th, 2021, the handover in Kürnach was imminent. The excitement was enormous when, after Mr. Küffner had completed the ‘theory part’, the room suddenly went dark and a ‘giant’ stood in front of the window. “Odin II” was ready. With Florian Öchsner we went on the instruction trip on the Main. To be honest, I was so nervous that my wife was able to perceive more input than me and the first independent drive onto the trailer, with current and ferry next door, needed a second attempt. Is this really going to work without professional help?

The final weighing, together with the aluminum trailer, resulted in 3220 kg.
We made our way to Krefeld, where we had gotten a berth in the Krefeld Yacht Club for 2022. From now on we started, despite Corona and a bad summer, in an exciting and intensive boating season 2022.

By the way: Wherever we come by boat or where we are seen, we are squeezed, give information to interested parties, make test drives, exchange contacts, pass on Mr. Küffner’s contact. We have certainly sold a few boats indirectly. But the shipyard is still keeping quiet so far ;-).

We were always on the road with Odin II

For our friends, for whom we still regularly had time with the “small” boat, we were suddenly only constantly on the move. In order to gather the first experiences, we went up the Rhine to the Moselle and over this to Traben-Trarbach. We had already reported on the experiences in a first „water level report“. Since we have contacts with Patric Polch, we were able to park the boat in the ‘Marina Polch’ for a few days. Then came the moment when I had to show my true colors. Odin II was supposed to be out of the water onto the trailer and I was alone too. I positioned the team in the water, asked a cyclist to give me a little instruction and… Suddenly the boat was standing on the trailer. There!! All excitement unfounded.

On the way back to Krefeld I got terribly lost and took the team across the Eifel and through towns where it was very likely, that a boat – never such a big one – was being transported. The looks of the residents spoke volumes. Trailer and boat lie full behind the towing vehicle. We spent the next few weeks getting supplies, getting set up and preparing for our next boating vacation.

Honeymoon in Croatia

Our honeymoon was coming up. Since we got married in Bregenz, we brought Odin II to Lake Constance. With a bit of luck we had been allocated a berth in Kressbronn and even in Lindau for a few weeks each and were able to get to know this beautiful area a little. We were also prepared for this region thanks to the Lake Constance package we ordered.

From there we went back to Šibenik to finally experience the “camper van on the water” for several days. We booked the Marina Solaris for our entire holiday of 14 days. When we had settled in for a few days, we finally went on a discovery tour. From Šibenik north via Tisno, Betina (Murter), Biograd, Otuk Zut, Shipwreck St. Michele, Sali, Telašćica Nature Park, Sakarun Beach, Ist, Zadar, Kornati, Šibenik, Primosten, Brac, Šolta, Šibenik.
A never-ending dream of lonely bays, original taverns, clear turquoise water, exclusive marinas, friendly people and bright sunshine under a constantly blue sky. Not to forget the delicious gin that was to be drunk at the end of the day after each successful mooring maneuver.

The consumption is impressive for this boat size. Die Marschfahrt liegt bei ca. 3.000 U/Min und 30 kmh. The consumption of the D3 is around 21 l/h or 0.7 l/km. With the 330 l tank volume, this results in a considerable range of 300 nm with a decent reserve. In Croatia we drove approx. 650 km, only filled up once and used approx. 600 l of diesel.

The space on board was ideal for us. Nobody stood in the other’s way, we converted the underfloor cabin into a wardrobe, we place supplies and dishes under the sink and the drinks reservoir is under the bench.

Since we like to enjoy our evening wine or gin from crystal glasses, we stocked up here at Silvy’s. The meanwhile extensive range consists of integrated magnets in dishes and holders.

The overall size of the SRX30 -Yachtline-, which initially struck me in the hall, is quickly lost. You get used to the supposed size in everyday life: the boat is rather small in the harbor compared to others, in the bay it is rather ‘big’, because you can go past the mega yachts and further into the bay where other boats of this size can more likely to have problems.

We made fun of it, under the amazed looks of the other bay neighbors, past all the boats – even much smaller ones – to drop anchor down to 0.70m water depth.

The boat met all expectations!

The SRX30 -Yachtline- has fully met our expectations and the manufacturer’s specifications! If you can deal with the compromises that result from the predefined, maximum possible total weight, you can’t get around the SRX30 -Yachtline- at the moment – at least from our point of view, which always keeps an eye on the market.
Another plus is the reliability of the Öchsner company: People listen, problems that can always arise are tackled immediately and you never feel left alone. Reported from personal experience, this is unfortunately not a matter of course.

We have to answer for one minus point ourselves. The dinghi. I really wanted a bigger one than the Sportex recommended by Öchsner. Unfortunately, the dimensions are too bulky and it also looks wrong on the boat. We will change that.

After our honeymoon we handed the boat over to Kürnach for inspection and winter storage. In our first season with Odin II we were allowed to enjoy the beautiful boat for 72 hours.

We are already looking forward to more unforgettable moments, for which this boat is certainly a guarantee.
Kind regards, M.V.

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