Experience report SRX30 -Yachtline-: Oderhaff – Usedom – Rügen – Baltic Sea

  • Boat model: SRX30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: V6 240 gasoline engine
  • cruising area: Oderhaff - Usedom - Rügen - Baltic Sea
  • crew: 2 adults & 1 teenager
  • crew experience: Experienced

From dream to dream boat

“You have to have dreams, work hard for them and then fulfill them!”
Under this motto, we launched our project “A boat of our own” in 2020 after several years of unforgettable charter trips around Berlin and in MeckPomm. As we have our home port in central Germany on a beautiful man-made lake, we knew that only a trailerable boat would be an option for us. We really wanted to reach sailing areas that were further away. As we were looking for space, functionality, quality and trailerability, we couldn’t get past Öchsner’s largest trailerable boat on the Internet. At the beginning of 2021, we arranged an appointment on site and, after a detailed consultation and presentation by Mr. Küffner, we fell head over heels in love with the SRX30 -Yachtline-.

Now the long wait began, which ended 1 year later on 23.06.2022 with the handover of our SRX30. The handling of the formalities, the briefing, the slipping in and out, as well as an extensive trip on the Main in fantastic summer weather and the final handover went extremely professionally. We proudly set off from Kürnach with our new boat to Central Germany and arrived home without any problems. The trailer lies on the road like a board and is very easy to maneuver.

With the SRX30 -Yachtline- to the Baltic Sea

Our first big boat trip was to be to the Baltic Sea, which we had visited by car for many years as “our vacation region” – and always looked longingly at the boats sailing there. We started our 3-week vacation trip in Eggesin on the Randow (mainland), which flows into the Ucker and finds its way into the Oderhaff in Uckermark. From there, we headed northwest to Usedom, continuing across the Peenestrom past Neppermin, Wolgast, Karlshagen and Peenemünde to the Greifswald Bodden. This was followed by the crossing from the island of Usedom to the island of Rügen to Sellin, where we spent two days in the new harbor on the Achterwasser side and explored the town on our bikes. Our next stop was the Hanseatic city of Stralsund, where we spent the night in the city harbor opposite the “Gorch Fock” after a culinary highlight.

The following day was characterized by the journey to the island of Hiddensee and the question “will we get a berth?”. We were lucky enough to get a free berth in the port of Kloster. We spent the next 3 days here at 34°C and explored the island where we tied the knot years ago. Our furthest destination from our car-trailer combination left behind in Eggesin was Ralswiek, where we visited the Störtebeker Festival. As we had driven to the festival by car for many years, this time – after the performance – we were able to walk the 300m to the boat and didn’t have to find our way to our accommodation in the traffic jam like all the years before 😉. That was really cool…

On the way back, we passed Neudorf, Kröslin, Karlshagen, Krummin and Zinnowitz before returning to Eggesin via the Ucker and Randow rivers. We mastered the slipping in and out with ease, but will keep an eye on the wind conditions in the future, which gave us several attempts to drive onto the trailer ☹.


Our conclusion for the first “big” trip was absolutely positive. The super amount of space, the high-quality materials and the superb workmanship impressed right from the start. A 3-week vacation is really fun on this boat… Our SRX30 has proven itself in everyday life, ran trouble-free and could be maneuvered precisely. The average consumption was 0.7 l/km despite regular sprints, which made driving more fun and ensured that our daughter could enjoy water sports! Our driving distance was around 480km.

We are already looking forward to the upcoming tours with our SRX30!

Your PaNaMa crew

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