Experience report SRX30 -YACHTLINE-: The Netherlands and Croatia

  • Boat model: SRX30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6 280PS
  • cruising area: Netherlands, Croatia
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: Beginners

We made the right choice after a long search

After looking for a trailerable boat for a long time and comparing several offers, we decided on the SRX30 -Yachtline- in July 2020. We finally could pick up our “Tyga” in April 2021. The briefing in the office was taken over by Mr Küffner, the test drive with explanations was taken over by Mr Öchsner. Both parts of the briefing were very professional and gave us great pleasure.

Then we went to our home port Stevensweert in Holland. The journey was good, the trailer is really great on the road. So the journey to the Netherlands was very comfortable. There the first slipping and then to the harbor square. The following two months we could get to know the boat in the Netherlands and we made gread trips. At only 14 degrees water temperature we even went water skiing. Our dinghy can be pulled up with the winch and stands comfortably on the bathing platform during the journey. In between occuring questions have always been answered by the Öchsner company very quickly and friendly.

From the Netherlands to Croatia – no problem at all thanks to the Öchsner trailer

The adventure Croatia started in mid-June 2021. We managed the almost 1300km to Krk in about 17 hours with an overnight stay. We would like to mention again the great tandem trailer, which is really great on the road and made the journey relaxed. We were lucky at the borders, hardly any waiting times. The boat was then craned into the port of Krk, absolutely no problem. We then parked the car and trailer near the port and then drove on to Rab by boat the next day. There we picked up a friendly couple and spent 3 wonderful weeks of vacation.

We (2 persons), in between 1 week with our son, stayed the whole time on board in the port. The situation on board was very comfortable. Concerning the upholstery, the two cabins are very comfortable and the climate on board was very pleasant, despite 30 degrees during the day and in the evening / at night still around 25 degrees. We always had breakfast on board and for dinner we went to one of the many taverns of Rab. Thanks to the two refrigerators on board, we were always supplied with cool drinks.

3 wonderful weeks of vacation on the boat

Every day we drove to beautiful bays, spending the day with swimming, stand up paddling, sunbathing and chilling out. Also our dog had a lot of fun and spend the time with a lot of enthusiasm. The brilliant position of the boat in the water then really became noticeable. Waterskiing or dragging a tube behind you works great and is a lot of fun. The low fuel consumption should also be emphasized.

In the harbor, many other boat owners stopped by our boat and admired the whole boat. Above all, they were enthusiastic about the stainless steel planks and edges. We even allowed other boat owners to go onboard, because they absolutely wanted to have a look on the boat. In the port of Rab, even the gas station owner gave us a compliment. He said that he had never seen such a beautiful boat before.

After 3 great weeks we went from Rab to Krk in order to be craned out of the water there. The boat was cleaned and the engine was rinsed with fresh water.
Then we went back to the Netherlands. It took us about 16 hours back, whereby the trailer is worth to be mentioned again, it made the journey really easy for us.

Our next vacation is already planned. Due to corona we unfortunately don’t yet know where we will spend it.

Kind regards, J.B.

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