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20-Yachtline-Ruhrpott Idyll

In EB20, Erfahrungsberichte by SvenK

Travel Facts:
  • Boat: 20-Yacht line
  • Engine: Honda BF-80 LRTU
  • Driving Area: Ruhr
  • Crew: 2
  • Boat Experience: Recreers

It was on a nice Day sometime in the Summer and I was doing a Bike Ride. The Trail took me along the Ruhr from Kettwig to Werden Past an Inn that was on the other Side of the Shore. From afar, I enjoyed the idyllic Sight of the ancient Walls and the Boats lying on the Jetties.

I remembered our first Boat, the great Holidays and the Joy of Boating. A beautiful Spot of Earth I thought and started dreaming ...

1st Boot 2016 in Dusseldorf
In January, out of sheer Curiosity, I visited the Boat Show. I got an Impression of the many great Motorboats and the technical Progress that there was, especially in the Drives and Engines.
In the Afternoon I hit the Stand of Öchsner boats. The Exhibition Boats were presented in an Anniversary Edition and looked chic. What was striking about all Boats was the Fuselage Geometry, which required special Deformation. The Advantages Of the so-called WIDE-BEAM Fuselage over a conventional Shape were obvious, giving the Boats more lateral Stability and improving the Lift.
I liked the little yachtline and the nice constructive Conversation with Mr. Öchsner Jr. Had piqued my Interest in a boat of my own.

In the coming Weeks and Months I tracked the Used boat market until At the beginning of September two Drago 601 WB were offered by Öchsner boats from the Charter. So in October I went to Kürnach for The House Fair of Öchsner boats to look at the boats.


20-Yacht line with Wide Beam Fuselage


2. House Fair Öchsner boats in Kürnach
Disappointed that both boats had already been sold shortly after the advertisement appeared, I realized that the Drago 601 WB enjoyed great demand. Their Size was sufficient and with a Total Weight of only 1400 kg. Trailer easy to transport.
In the Exhibition Hall Stood a 20 yacht line, which was modified by Öchsner boats in some Details (Ruling, Lamps, Upholstery, etc.). Fascinated by the Quality, practical Equipment and chic Design, I decided the next Day to buy the Exhibition boat in addition to a Camperverdeck.

3. Boat 2017 in
A visit to the fair was indispensable, especially since my wife knew the 20-yachtline-so far only from the prospectus. The Enthusiasm was huge and we could hardly wait! We took the Opportunity because we still lacked any Accessories and looked around accordingly. But we did not feel like Smuggling and Except for a Boat Hook, I later ordered all the Equipment on the Internet.

4. Handing over in Kürnach Finally
The time had come. On the Eve of 12.04.2017, I drove to Kürnach. A whole Morning was scheduled for the Handover and began with a theoretical Briefing and ended with a test drive on the Main. I received all the Information and practical Advice regarding how to Handle the Boat. It was overall a very friendly and pleasant Atmosphere.

The test Drive then provided a special Surprise for me, so I steered the Boat downstream and picked up Speed. Without noticing, the Boat was in Gliding – probably had to lie on the Hull-I thought. And even the Outboard was pleasantly quiet even at higher Revs, which even exceeded my inner Border At the time.

With a nice Memory and great Impressions, I started my Journey home around Noon. The Team with the Trailer by Öchsner ran great and gave me a safe Feeling. My initial Scepticism about a one-axle trailer had dissipated as I initially wanted to purchase a double-axis trailer.


5. First water at the Ruhr Actually
we wanted Easter by boat to the Ruhr, but the weather was bad. So we only drove off at the Beginning of May and reached the Slipway in Kettwig after forty Minutes. The Ramp goes long and flat into the Water, which should later prove to Be very beneficial when Slipping out.

Finally by boat in the Water, we reached the Jetty Of the EOC after a short Trip. The long-awaited Goal had been achieved and an indescribable Sense of Joy and Relief occurred. Now it just took a nice Summer and everything was perfect.

There has been no Professional Shipping on this Part of the Ruhr for a long time. There are only a few Excursion Steamers passing by From Mühlheim to Lake Baldeneysee. The Water Quality is excellent and endangered Fish species have settled again, which is much to the Delight of many Amateur Anglers. The Ruhr and Baldeneysee serve many People as a Recreational Area with many Opportunities for active Leisure Activities.

... the Dream of a Boat was a reality!


Our Berth at the EOC


Ruhrpott Idyll between Kettwig and Werden


After a good Season by boat on the Ruhr, we have gained an invaluable Value of Recreational Quality with the acquisition of the 20 yacht line. The relaxing Boat Trips on the Water provide plenty of Relaxation and Switching off from the stressed everyday Life. And even in bad Weather, it can be endured well under the Deck. The Processing and Fit of the Deck are excellent. Rain and Wind are well held and no Water enters. So it remains very pleasant Even on cooler days under the Top and the large Discs at the rear and in the Sides make for a good All-round view.

Despite the Space, the Boat is suitable for Weekend Trips as well as for longer Holiday Trips. Especially since a closed toilet room exists by recommending the Installation of a portable Chemical Toilet And also offering the Bunk Enough Space for two People. The Installation of other Options, such as The water Tank and Refrigerator, should be considered depending on the Driving Area. We opted for the cheaper Alternatives – Water Canisters with electric Pressure flushing And portable Cooling Box-which ultimately proved to be very practical. Like the Boat, we were fascinated by the 80 HP Honda Engine, which developed its Thrust extremely Low noise. Thus, the 20 yachtline with its excellent driving Characteristics and state-of-the-art Drive, is a successful Overall package with which Boating is really Enjoyable and the high Utility is in a healthy proportion to the low Maintenance Costs (Insurance, Location, Fuel Consumption, etc.).

Delighted and satisfied with the expert Advice and the Handover of our 20 yachtline in a pleasant family atmosphere, we felt in good Hands here and wish the entire Team of Öchsner boats continued success!

-Ulrich and Anita-

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