20 Yachtline Berlin Brandenburg

Experience report 20 -Yachtline-: Berlin and Brandenburg

In EB20, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
  • Boat: 20 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Honda BF80 LRTU
  • Sailing area: Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Crew: 2 or 6 people
  • Boat Experience: Beginners

In 2018 we did the SBF inland certificate and decided to buy a boat. During the following extensive research we became aware of the company Öchsner-Boote. Soon we received a friendly welcome there, competently and openly advised and received the offer discussed on the same day.

Slept over it once and ordered.

Thanks to the absolutely punctual work of the company Öchsner-Boote we picked up our boat on a Wednesday in April - with detailed briefing, test drive, many questions and many answers. Then on Friday we drove to Tjeukemeer in the Netherlands, where we rented a holiday home with a jetty - that's how it started.


When we arrived there, as complete beginners, we first took a lot of photos of all the tensioning straps, etc., so that after a week we could properly secure the boat on the trailer again. During the first slipping, we were happy to have the help of two Dutch boaters who are experienced in the boat. We were lucky! We also noticed our inexperience when assessing wind and water. On the second trip the wind was too strong and we felt like we were on the high seas. But we still felt safe on the boat.

After the week it was then in "calmer waters" in Berlin to the berth, slipped alone, went great.


Now we had time to get to know the boat better. When setting up we were surprised by the really ample storage space, both above and in the cabin. We could take whatever we needed with us. Even later, on half-day trips with two other adults and two children, there was enough space.

We have done several day trips and enjoyed being on the water. With the 80PS engine we drove well over the Wannsee. The bathing ladder was also used several times after cooling down somewhere in a small bay. Really nice the boat!


In August we were on the road for several days and stayed in the boat. Thanks to a topper that we had made for us, we also slept wonderfully. And having a toilet on board isn't bad either. We drove through the middle of Berlin, gained a lot of new impressions and gained experience in locks. We went on to Köpenick and over the Müggelsee to Fürstenwalde for the children's birthday party (it was really cool when grandma and grandpa arrived by boat) and to Brandenburg / Havel.

We enjoyed the summer in Berlin with some provisions and chilled drinks in the fridge. The boat is great, we have a lot of fun with it.

After 70 hours of operation, the boat is now in winter storage and waiting for the next season. In the meantime we have also done the SBF certificate. Let's see where we're going now. We look forward to more beautiful tours and hope that we won't have to call Mr. Küffner so often because “we still have a question”. Thank you Mr. Küffner!

We feel well looked after by the entire Öchsner team. Thanks for that!

Elke and Martin


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