20 YACHTLINE Lake Constance

Experience report 20 -YACHTLINE-: Lake Constance

In EB20, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
  • Boat: 20 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Honda BF 100
  • Sailing area: Lake Constance
  • Crew: 2 – 4 people
  • Boat Experience: Advanced

    "... now the way was free for the 20 -Yachtline-"

    The 20 -Yachtline- already caught our attention at the boat show in 2018. With a length of almost 6 meters, we found the room layout optimal for this boat size and the good workmanship also convinced us.
    At that time, however, we were unfortunately unable to implement our purchase request because we had bought a new boat (18 feet) from a competitor in 2015.
    Thanks to the experience we had since then, we knew what kind of additional equipment we would like to have if at some point a new boat came into question. Rather by chance, we were able to sell the "old" boat in 2019 and now the way was free for the 20 -Yachtline-.
    It should be exactly this boat, as we had already convinced ourselves of the quality of the boat on site in Kürnach.

    Rather unusual for this boat size and very desirable for us:

    • The built-in refrigerator (works great, far better than mobile solutions)
    • The separate toilet room (although we have never used the toilet before). We use this additional space as a wardrobe and other storage space and have also installed a shelf and matching coat hooks made of stainless steel ...

    "... Decision not regretted for a day "

    On April 30th, 2020 we bought the new boat in Kürnach from Öchsner and have not regretted our decision for a day - that is anticipated.
    What we find particularly praiseworthy: Even after the purchase has been completed, the employees are always there for you - both for special requests relating to the boat and for information of all kinds. That is absolutely not a matter of course! Service rating: very good !!

    Unfortunately, a mishap happened to us relatively soon after we dived into the water for the fist time when the wind and waves were appropriate.

    And here we have a small suggestion for improvement for customers who want to slip their boat regularly and are perhaps not as experienced as the Öchsner team: buy a "centering aid" for your trailer, which will reliably position your boat in the middle of the trailer centered. Then the mishap cannot happen to you - when you lip out a few unsightly scratches on the gelcoat.

    Since we installed the centering aid on the trailer, slipping has been easy.

    "... a little interim conclusion"

    In the meantime (as of the end of August) we have approx. 50 operating hours and so much experience that we can give a small interim conclusion.
    • The quality of the boat continues to convince us 100%.
    • Since we are often on board with 4 people, we particularly like the 100 hp variant. The maximum speed of 40 km / h allowed on Lake Constance can also be reached easily and quickly with four people.
    • Those who would also like to enjoy the sun deck (and there is enough space for 2 people) will have it much more comfortable with an appropriate cushion than on the "bare" foredeck. We had one made by an interior decorator for this purpose (2-part, so that it can be easily stowed away) and use the existing buttons that are provided for the harbor cover to attach it. (Note from Öchsner-Boote: the SX20 has a rollable bow sun lounger cushion)
    • The space in the cabin is completely sufficient for 2 people to stay overnight. We have also cut and covered "normal" mattresses, and thus achieved even more sleeping comfort. Of course, considering the size of the boat, sleeping four people is not that comfortable. To do this, 2 people must use the double lounger in the cockpit. When staying with 4 adults, you would want a slightly “wider” boat. But you already know that when you buy it, so no criticism. (And the guests still had fun!)

    With all the praise for the boat, there are a few small things that we think could be improved:

    • The carpet in the cabin is glued. Here we would like a solution with press studs like in the cockpit for easier cleaning!
    • The swimming ladder with 3 steps is too small in our opinion. At least as an alternative, a ladder with 4 steps should be offered; For some passengers, entry is otherwise difficult!
    • Anyone who occasionally drives at night would wish an illuminated control panel, otherwise one is looking for the buttons for cabin lights, sockets, navigation lighting, etc.

    These rather trivial things in no way diminish the joy of this boat, which we can definitely recommend.

    We say thank you to the Öchsner team and look forward to many more hours on the lake with the 20 -Yachtline-.

    Nice greetings

    Heike & Peter


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