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Experience report SRX30 -YACHTLINE-: Netherlands / Croatia

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Travel Facts
  • Boat: SRX30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6 280 PS
  • Sailing area: Netherlands and Croatia
  • Crew: 2-6 People
  • Boating experience: experienced

    On May 13th, 2020 we took over our new boat, an Öchsner SRX30 Yachtline, in Kürnach despite the difficult corona situation. The instruction for the new boat was perfect and despite many years of experience with water sports, you are still learning.

    After we transferred our “Pluto” to our home, a week later it was slipped in Emmerich and transferred from there over the Rhine, the Maas-Waal Canal and the Maas to our new home port “Plasmolen”. Slipping worked perfectly with the trailer. The entire construction is very well thought out and the trailer fits the boat perfectly.


    The next few weeks we set up our Pluto and spent several weekends on it. We were pleasantly surprised at the space and the maneuverability of the boat and settled in very quickly.


    After the lockdown to Croatia

    In mid-June the government lifted the lockdown and we drove to Porec in Croatia at the end of June. The crossing with the 3.5 t vehicle combination worked perfectly. The trailer is very well on track and gives you a safe driving experience.

    We moved into our holiday home in Porec and explored the entire region around Porec, Vrsar and the Limski Canal in a star shape for the next 14 days. The inflatable boat with the 4 HP outboard engine turned out to be a highlight. We could anchor in the bays and go ashore with the rubber dinghy or explore the area. The weather was very pleasant in the 14 days and we had a relatively calm sea except for two days.


    In between we went water skiing or used the tires behind the boat. The water ski assistant proved to be very helpful. You can use it to preselect the speed as with a cruise control and the rest is almost done by itself.

    In the evening we went out to sea several times to watch dolphins. It is an exciting feeling to see these marine mammals so close in the wild. Sometimes we saw several dolphins at the same time and they came relatively close to the boat.


    The Limski Canal is an absolute must-do. It is a narrow inlet near Vrsar that goes about 12 km inland. Steep mountains rise up on both sides of the canal and make you feel as if you were in Scandinavia. At the end of this "fjord" you can moor on a jetty or buoys and go to eat in two nice restaurants. We saw dolphins here too.



    Two weeks go by so quickly

    No sooner have you settled in than you're heading back home. On the way back near Munich, we were surprised by heavy rain. The motorway was partially under water up to 10 cm. We drove through this monsoon rain at a suitable speed, with the boat remaining perfectly dry from the inside. The hood is made to fit perfectly and is 100% tight.

    One week after our vacation we brought our yacht line back to the Netherlands, to our home port "Plasmolen". Here we made many trips along the Meuse, the Rhine and the IJssel over the summer. We moored and spent the night in various marinas. But we are always happy when we arrive at our home port. We feel comfortable here and the harbor offers a great atmosphere with many restaurants. In the evening we always enjoy the harbor cinema with a glass of wine.



    We made the right decision with our Öchsner SRX30 Yachtline. The enormous amount of space and the well thought-out technology are perfect. The sailing characteristics on the open sea are very good and rough water is no problem for the hull.

    We absolutely have to point out the engine and consumption! The Volvo Penta with its 280 hp brings the boat on plane in a very short time and it is very economical. We have never had a boat with such low fuel consumption and can highly recommend this engine.

    All in all, we are very satisfied with our SRX30 and would choose it again and again. We wish the entire Öchsner team continued success.

    Your Pluto-crew


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