Free upgrade to the SX20 -YACHTLINE-

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Shortly before our company holidays, we presented the new SX20 -YACHTLINE-:

As a further development of the 20 -YACHTLINE-, the facelift is mainly shown in small details, but the big impact is all the more convincing.

  • More comfort in the driver's cab
    thanks to an individually adjustable combination of steering wheel and seat
  • New, modern design of the upholstery
    all around the comfortable lying surface for cozy hours in the cabin
  • Variable sun lounger cushion,
    that can be attached to the disc for a comfortable reading position
  • Enlarged hatch in the cabin
    for more light and thanks to the step also a practical exit option on the foredeck

Free upgrade to the new SX20


All customers who have not yet received the 20 -YACHTLINE- they have ordered will receive a free upgrade to the new SX20 -YACHTLINE-.

The same applies to new orders up to and including October 2020:

Upgrade to the SX20 -YACHTLINE- without additional costs

Find out more about the new features of the SX20 -YACHTLINE- in our presentation of the boat on our website. Or contact us by phone on 09367 3265 or using our contact form.
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