Experience report SR25 -YACHTLINE-: Rhine

  • Boat model: SR25 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta 280 gasoline engine
  • cruising area: Rhine
  • crew: 2 persons
  • crew experience: experienced

“Op Jöck” with our SR25 -YACHTLINE-

“Op Jöck”, that´s our plan which we made in 2019 to explore the area on German and later on EU waters. At the top of the list is exploring Berlin’s waterways.

We inform ourselves extensively on the market and deal with our requirements. Since we attach great importance to professional repair and maintenance options, we just drive spontaneously to the Öchsner company to Kürnach to get an impression of the shipyard on site. The performance convinces us. We chose a SR25 with a powerful 280 hp petrol engine, a touring package, a technology package and a 220V shore connection. We buy an exhibit incl. a trailer.

The handover is in spring 2020. At that time we already know that our trip to Berlin will have to wait. So let´s do plan B. We slip the “Op Jöck” into our home port in Cologne without any problems at the main ramp and explore the surrounding area in evening trips. This is definitely exciting in 2020, especially since our exploration radius has been expanded with the new boat. On the banks of the Rhine, Communions take place on the Deuter Bank. Beautiful! Why not always?

On our jetty a lager Öchsner boat recently has been installed. A 29 -Yachtline-. Of course, this ensures discussion and exchange in the club.
So the season ripples by. We are happy to be able to take time out at these difficult times and enjoy the few evenings on board.

Hitting the big screen on the banks of the Rhine while slipping the SR25 -YACHTLINE-

We bravely decided to slip our boat out of the water at a somewhat neglected neighboring NATO-ramp, since in our home port the craning of the large boats is in full swing and the “good” rap exit is occupied. We are being watched Argus-eyed! People are bored in these times. Everyone likes the great show they´re seeing. This is not for the faint-hearted. But it turns out that slipping is not our problem. This works very well on the second approach, despite the moderate eddy currents in the bank area of the Rhine. Much more difficult is the exit of the car and trailer, because we were almost boxed in by illegal parked cars of the extremely large number of pedestrians.

To sum it up, it was a quiet season in the home area and we are happy that some trips were possible at all.

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