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Experience report 23 -YACHTLINE-: Croatia

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Travel Facts
  • Boat: 23 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: VOLVO Penta gasoline V6 240
  • Driving area: Croatia
  • Boat Experience: Advanced

    No vacation has ever been as beautiful as the previous one

    My family and I go on vacation every year. Once over Pentecost and once in August. Still, I believe that no vacation has ever been as good as the previous one.

    It all started when we went to the “Interboot” trade fair on Lake Constance - just to “look”, of course. Back then we had a smaller boat, but then discovered the company "Öchsner" at the Interboot exhibition and immediately fell in love with the "Yachtline 23 with the Volvo Penta V6 240 DP" model. And as is the case when you go to where you just “look”, we also bought it fully equipped.

    The handover went very smoothly. Mr. Öchsner took a whole day to explain everything to us in great detail.


    Back to a magical place in Croatia

    After a short additional test drive on the Main-Danube Canal, we drove to Croatia - with the brand new boat in tow. To be more precise, we drove to Sibenik - a really picturesque city with incredible buildings - to take a boat across to a 'lonely' island.

    We had already discovered this magical little spot last year. At that time we drove around a bit with our other boat to explore the landscape and islands and then - hidden in the middle of the sea - found a small harbor. We asked around a bit and then rented an apartment with a sea view.

    So we were really looking forward to this vacation. But above all because of the new boat, of course.


    Adventure in and on the water

    The water was crystal clear - you could see every single fish swimming by! We went snorkeling very often on the coast and tried to catch fish - unsuccessfully most of the time, of course.

    The good thing about this small island is that it is surrounded by many other small to medium-sized islands, so there was a lot to discover. It was just so much fun to explore the landscapes and also to cross over on land. Once we were on the boat and my little sister saw a cave on an island from afar. We headed for it immediately, of course, and it turned out that the cave wasn't a real cave at all, but a large hideout for wartime submarines! That was exciting! Unfortunately, we weren't able to take photos of it because it was so dark.

    We came to many different corners of Croatia, saw beautiful bays, crystal clear water and also real shipwrecks! We tied our boat to a buoy and went diving, right over the wreck!


    Personally, I was not that comfortable and I always stayed close to our boat, but my family had almost completely disappeared in the wreck. It was really adventurous!

    Driving was also a lot of fun, as the boat really has power and can accelerate properly. At the same time, it is very stable in the water, although my mother was still afraid that we might fall off the boat due to my father's sometimes daring maneuvers.

    The best experience of the whole vacation was when we spotted dolphins! Not one and not two, but a whole school of dolphins that romped about in the water next to us and played in the stern waves of the boat. We have all never seen dolphins in the wild, so it was a wonderful experience to see them up close! They also followed us for a while and it was really nice to see these beautiful animals playing next to us.


    Conclusion on the 23 -YACHTLINE-

    In summary, it can be said that it was one of the most beautiful vacations in a long time. Our decision to buy the Yachtline 23 from Öchsner-Boote was spot on. The service of the entire team does not end after the purchase. The employees always have an open ear for any questions that may arise.

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