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Experience report SR30: Moselle – Bleiloch reservoir – Dahme

In EB30, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
    • Boot: SR30 -Yachtline-
    • Motor: Volvo Penta V6 240 PS
    • Fahrgebiet: Mosel, Bleilochstausee, Dahme
    • Besatzung: 2 bis 4 Personen
    • Bootserfahrung: Einsteiger

    After three years of searching andnumerous visits to boat fairs, in the middle of 2018, the decision was finally made to buy the SR30 yacht line, currently the largest trailerable boat. The SR30 convinced us with its design, the great sense of space and the unique solutions of integrated components.

    The delivery of our "Smiley" was on schedule in May 2019. The expert instruction was given by F. Öchsner and S. Küffner. Afterwards, the journey started with the trailer from Kürnach in our homeland Thuringia.

    Our Ford Ranger coped well with the 3.5t trailer.


    After the boat-christening and preparation for the first vacation with our "Smiley" we went on a maiden trip to the Moselle in June 2019 with a friendly couple.

    Since we did not immediately find a slipway, we used the crane system to let our boat into the water. Everything went trouble-free. In 10 days we drove from Koblenz to Trier. Due to the very good handling of the SR30 we managed the 8 locks on our way without any problems. In the course of our journey we were able to enjoy the special and individual features of our "Smiley" and are excited. Even through our 4-man crew we had no problems with motion sequences at any time and can look back on a successful maiden voyage. It was nice!


    Since we were not able to do the slipping ourselves, we decided to do this in at home at the Bleichloch reservoir. Due to the low water level in the reservoir, it was no problem to let the boat in, but we needed a bit longer to get our Smiley out. Therefore, we decided to make it easier for us next time and bought drive-in aids for the trailer.

    Although the reservoir is not large and offers a little less driving pleasure, we still had a lot of entertainment and a great atmosphere from the water: in the meantime one of the largest open-air festivals of electronic dance music in Europe took place, the SMS.

    Also on this holiday our SR30 yachtline was admired by boat lovers. We have answered many questions about this trailerable boat type and thus met many nice people.


    The beautiful summer did not end and it was so much fun with our "Smiley". Therefore, we were drawn to the water in early September. This time we decided to drive the river Dahme near Berlin between Teupitz, Bad Saarow and King Wusterhausen. Practice makes perfect: this time the slip process worked great. On these beautiful waterways, the SR30 again proved its superior handling, whether in the narrow channel, large locks or on the lake between many sailors.

    Our conclusion:

    The SR30 yachtline impresses with its handling, comfort and features.

    This season we came up with 65 hours of running and look forward to next year to spend a wonderful and relaxing time with our Smiley again. ☺ ☺ ☺


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