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Experience report SR30 -Yachtline-: French Atlantic Coast

In EB30, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
  • Boot: SR30 -Yachtline-
  • Motor: Volvo Penta D3-170 DPS
  • Fahrgebiet: französische Atlantikküste
  • Besatzung: 3-4 Personen

    The decision for a trailerable boat

    This spring in April, we finally received our SR30 -Yachtline-. As a home port, we found the marina Lässig in Kahl at the river Main, the last corner of Bavaria, about 25 km from the gates of Frankfurt. After our first rides the Main up and down, it went on Whitsun on the "sauerkraut tour", on Mainz, Koblenz, Trier, Saarbrücken, Strasbourg and back down the Rhine. This classic among the inland cruises has was so much fun, despite the tight time window of just about two weeks. We got to know the boat and have continued to set up with 3-4 people on the boat. At the end of the tour, we were sure to have made the right boat choice with the SR30.

    For us it was important that the boat is still trailerable, as we drive every August to La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast due to family ties - 1,100 km shortest way on the road. Although it is possible to arrive and depart by water, it would easily take six weeks. But who has so much time as a non-pensioner?

    The largest trailable boat - an exciting weighing

    Before we went to the Atlantic for the first time in August, we were also faced with the exciting question of all SR30 owners whether the boat would exceed the permissible 3.500 kg trailer load or not. Our boat has the diesel engine, an electric windlass, the camper roof, etc. for the ride. The bathing platform for the dinghy is only prepared. The rib is still missing, but we were already equipped with fenders, linen, grill and cooker, dishes, bedclothes and towels, etc.

    The scales then brought certainty: we have fallen below the weight of 3.5t! Through clever loading we also kept the 150 kg vertical load of our Range Rover in the green area. The allowable towing weight would have tolerated a few more kilos anyway.

    Arrival to the French Atlantic coast

    To make the long journey worthwhile, we had planned the trip for three weeks. Alone for the round trip we estimated on the route National 16 hours each. On the highway, we would probably have made 2-3 hours faster, but we could save the toll across France. We preferred to invest this saving in diesel and wine storage.

    Astonishingly, you get used to driving with just under 3.5 t very fast. If you look at some bump at first fearful in the rearview mirror, you calm down immediately. The trailer lies quietly like a board on the street. Of course, some tight roundabouts are annoying. But over time you have the necessary peace and serenity. Without extra mirrors we couldn't see the cars or the traffic jam behind us we anyway and the streets in front of us were wonderfully empty. 😊

    Arrival at La Rochelle

    After a night's rest with the benefit of the boat as a caravan, we reached La Rochelle with its impressive port entrance - backdrop for the legendary movie "The Boat". Due to the offshore islands, this part of the Atlantic coast is a beautiful motor and sailing area. This is where the Regatta Vendée Globe or the Volvo Ocean Race starts. Accordingly, the ports also have capacity - La Rochelle alone with 4,600 moorings! Even in the high season you do not go out empty We had made an appointment in advance for the crane. Then it could start.


    Seaworthiness of SR30 -Yachtline-

    The first drive took us only 20 nautical miles north to our vacation home in L'Aiguillon s / Mer. At the same time, we were able to fully test the seaworthiness of the SR30 - across to wind (strength 6) and waves (2 meters)! The boat resisted all loads, although mostly in trawler speed It should also be the only choppy ride. The weather calmed down for the rest of the holiday season.

    Challenging was lying between the dolphins abeam to the current in the estuary of the river Lay at 4 meters tide. The big harbors mostly have independent pontoon jetties. In the small harbors of the French Atlantic coast you will generally find buoys or dolphins - and you will inevitably fall into the mud. This was the case at our mooring after 3 meters. Luckily we were almost in the horizontal, also the boat did not tip over. So we could spend the days in the "home port" completely on board


    Trip planning according to the tide calendar

    An integral part of all the trip planning was the tide calendar. Approximately, we had no water under the keel for 5 hours. Accordingly, the destination should not be too far away to be able to moor at the same tide there or you can use the time of off-running water until the next flood. Over time, one gets used to these "rest periods". Dolphin suitable lines should not be missing, if not the predecessor already prepared the mooring with tires or something similar. We were lucky that the jetty neighbors all went to the hand and helped out with advice, action and material.

    Tours along the Atlantic coast

    In the coming days we made some tours along the coast to Les Sables d'Olonne, on the Ile de Ré with its picturesque ports of St. Martin, Ars and La Flotte, or we simply went for a swim in a bay. Unfortunately - as always - the time passed much too fast and the end of the vacation and the time for craning approached. With increasing routine everything went smoothly and we arrived home safely after 3 weeks.


    The biggest trailerable boat - our conclusion

    Did we know after the rivers and channels of the sauerkraut tour that the SR30 was the right choice, we are even more convinced of it. Our initial concern, falling into the mud, is not a problem. Even rough seas masters the ship effortlessly. It can be wonderful to live on board in a group of four. But any compromises we made with the purchase of this SR30 have simply vanished in thin air. We look forward to the next trip!

    Family K. from Alzenau in Franconia


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