Experience report SR30 -YACHTLINE-: Lake Constance, Croatia

  • Boat model: SR30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta 240
  • cruising area: Lake Constance, Croatia
  • crew: 2 adults, 2 teenagers
  • crew experience: Advanced

4 years with the SR30 -YACHTLINE-

In the following we would like to list a few impressions that we have experienced with the SR30 -YACHTLINE- over the last 4 years.

To give you a short overview, we are a family with two young children and in 2016 we decided to purchase a new SR30 -YACHTLINE- with a 240 HP petrol engine.

Our location is Lake Constance. But to anticipate this right away, we also drove the SR30 for one season in Croatia.

In retrospect, the handover, incl. the test drive and weighing of the ship, was professional and pleasant. Thus a first, very good impression could be gained. Then the boat went on the trailer and was driven directly towards Lake Constance. It should be noted here that the possibility of trailers was an absolutely decisive purchase factor for the enormous amount of space the boat had.

With the SR30 -YACHTLINE- on Lake Constance

In the next three years we extensively explored all parts of Lake Constance, even in stages lasting several days, which was very possible thanks to the voluminous cabin. In addition, our two children could comfortably take part in parts of the multi-day excursions in the underfloor cabin. That was very important to us when making the purchase decision.

On Lake Constance, you can get into any port or box with this ship size and, above all, ship width. This is another advantage of the SR30, as the space on Lake Constance is sometimes limited – in contrast to the sea, for example. As already mentioned, a big advantage is the unusually large cabin for this ship size. This means that four of you can easily spend several days and nights together on board.

The seating options at the driver’s cab, in the seating area and on the large bow ensure that you can go on excursions more and more. One advantage of the seating area is definitely the option to convert it into a sun lounger. This enables flexible use of space, whether for dining or relaxing. The backrest can always be adapted to the respective condition.

Between the seasons, we often use the Öchsner company to store the boat. A cleaning and minor repairs were then carried out here. The trailerability of the boat means that it is possible to bring the boat back to the manufacturer without great effort and expense, which is a great advantage in our opinion.

After 3 years on Lake Constance with the SR30 -YACHTLINE- in Croatia

The trailerability of the boat means that it is possible to bring the boat back to the manufacturer without great effort and expense, which is a great advantage in our opinion. For potential readers of this report who have no experience at sea, it should be mentioned that a tender boat (dinghy) is needed every day to travel to land. It is therefore essential to ensure that the dinghy incl. Having a motor to put it in and out of the boat from the boat. The SR30 offers a very elegant solution: using a winch at the stern, the dinghy can be lowered into the water at the push of a button from the bathing platform and pulled back on board after the tender ride.

Crossings lasting several hours in moderate waves were no problem thanks to the wide hull shape. So we were able to travel the island world of Croatia relaxed as a family. In addition to overnight stays at anchor and at the buoy, where the dinghy is necessary for shore leave, mooring maneuvers are also the order of the day in the Adriatic. In addition, we were able to mock bottlenose dolphins with the SR30, which can be seen in the next pictures.

Overall, we were able to reach all of the destinations we had set ourselves in the Croatian islands with the SR30 without any problems. Of course, wind and weather play a bigger role with this boat size compared to Lake Constance. That means, when strong winds are announced again through the local bora, you just stay in the harbor. But this also applies to much larger boats like the SR30.

So it can be summarized here that the advantages that were described at the beginning on Lake Constance can also be confirmed on the sea. Multi-day trips to various bays and ports were no problem. The built-in chart plotter from Garmin was also very helpful at the sea, with which, in addition to navigation, you can also constantly call up the depth information in advance. This is a very helpful and useful tool and has made our daily maneuvering a lot easier.

Overall, it was also easy for us to make mooring with the help of the bow thruster and the behavior of the boat during a wide variety of mooring maneuvers. This means that you can drive this boat very well alone on Lake Constance / inland waters and also on the sea. Below are a few more impressions from the vacation with the SR30 in Croatia.

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