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Experience report SR30 -YACHTLINE- Neckar / Croatia

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Travel Facts
  • Boat: SR30 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: D3-220 PS Diesel
  • Driving area: Necker and Kroatien
  • Crew: 4
  • Boating experience: experienced

    After the first year with our SR30 -YACHTLINE- we were looking forward to our second season. Over the winter we installed a photovoltaic system in order to become even more independent.

    On the Neckar we tested the boat after winter storage. Everything went smoothly as expected.

    Over Pentecost to Croatia

    At Pentecost we drove to Croatia and craned the boat in Biograd.

    Our destination was Dubrovnik. Over four days we drove south along the coast. We anchored in beautiful secluded bays overnight.


    On Hvar we anchored in a bay on the opposite side of the town of Hvar. You could walk up the mountain via a nicely laid out path and had a wonderful view of the passage from Hvar.

    One of the most beautiful cities for us is Korcula. Here we moored in the marina. A guided tour on an mp3 player through a Marco Polo museum brought us into the past of the seafarer and world explorer who was born in Korcula.


    In Dubrovnik, we moored in the marina that had been opened 2 weeks earlier. This is mainly designed for larger boats. The marina is very beautiful, but probably one of the most expensive in Croatia. The advantage is that you can walk to the old town. This is nice, but quite crowded even at Pentecost, as cruise ships are in town almost every day.

    We distributed the return trip over the remaining days. We visited one or the other city, including Split.

    Between Pentecost and summer we left our SR30 in Croatia, but on the trailer.


    Croatia again - 4 weeks of summer vacation

    In August it was that time again. After we had fetched our boat from the pitch, it was also craneed immediately. And as soon as the shopping was done and the water was stashed away, we left for the evening.

    We met friends on the island of Pasman. The second night we were on Kaprije in the town of Kaprije. We tied up on a buoy and our friends with their Sessa 35 attached.

    After dinner, dark clouds came in and a thunderstorm forced us to close our roof. Since the wind initially came from the north, which was the only open side of the bay, we had about 2 meters of waves on the buoy. Several boats broke loose during the thunderstorm.

    We were lucky that we followed the recommendations: always tie up below the buoy and attach a safety line separately; give in the boat freedom of movement so that the entire concrete block is not lifted. It is important to always put a jump when enclosing boats so that the pull / jerk is not so strong at the front.


    The other days passed calmly. We drove south along the coast and enjoyed our place on the SR30. We saw some amazing anchoring and mooring maneuvers by the boat mates.

    When thunderstorms were announced again, we wanted to go to a port near Korcula, but unfortunately we couldn't get a berth. So we anchored in a sheltered bay. However, this was so full that in the morning when the thunderstorm was approaching, we lifted the anchor and drove slowly through the narrowness of Korcula.

    Since the weather shouldn't get better, we booked a place in the Marina Mina on Brac.


    Despite the booking, the marina was full and we were allowed to moor at the can. There we lay very sheltered in the farthest corner, but close to the city. The next day the journey continued. The weather got better and we drove further north. As the northernmost point we made Mali Losinj our goal. We used to be in an apartment there and it was nice to see the city again. One or the other has changed.

    After a bora was announced, we started the journey south.


    Despite the somewhat mixed weather, we had a very good time and many great experiences on our SR30. We had moored in only 3 ports in the 4 weeks. Otherwise we were at buoys, but mostly at anchor.

    We drove 103 hours during the season. The total consumption was 13.8 liters / hour. That is more than the year before. However, we were less on the rivers (Neckar at 18km / h). Due to the somewhat more wavy sea, the motor / trim tabs had to work more often so that the boat was calmer in the water. It's more convenient, but it takes more fuel.

    We don't want to miss the rubber dinghy anymore. No matter where we anchored or were at the buoy, an exploration tour on land or through the bay was a must. Eating out in the evening wasn't a problem either. On the rubber dinghy beach you will attract attention with the small but nice boat when there are 10 dinghies on the beach. Depending on the clothes, we drive twice to bring all 4 people dry to land. With our 6PS, one can glide well alone.

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