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Travel Facts

  • Boot: SR30 -Yachtline-
  • Motor: Volvo Penta D3-220 DPS / Diesel
  • Fahrgebiet: Kroatien/Ostsee
  • Bootserfahrung: Erfahren
  • Besatzung: 4 Personen

The new Boat

In the Spring, we picked up our new Boat, the SR30-Yacht Line-from the Company Öchsner-boote GmbH & Co. KG. Since we already owned a Boat from the Company Öchsner, we knew what was coming our way. The Briefing was very detailed and entertaining. Time passed in Flight.

At The Neckar there was our Boat Baptism right after, at Neptune and its Nixes. They wished us all the Best and always a Hand wide Water under the Keel. The first big Drive took us on Pentecost to the Baltic Sea, around Rügen. The Crane into the Water went off without any Problems.
We quickly settled into the Boat. Everyone found their new Regular Place. The Food with 4 People on the Spotlight is uncomplicated. For Cooking, I built myself a small Table over the Fridge Compartment on the Light. Here we cook the more "odour-intensive" Food. Down in the Kitchen will be Pasta, rice, etc ... Cooked. The Food under the open Sky is fantastic.

Pentecost on the Baltic Sea

In the first Week Of Pentecost we were on the Way to the Bodden. Due to the many Driving Gutters and Speed limits, we often did not drive so fast and enjoyed nature at about 10 km/h. We tested the Sun Sites for the first Time and fell asleep there. Only on larger Routes did we ride in a Glide. The second Week we drove all the way to Sassnitz. Here we wanted to refuel and had to pay a small Service Fee at the normal Fuel Price, which was completely unknown to us. Anyway, we were happy to drive a Diesel, because there are not very many Gas Stations on Rügen.

Among the Data: We drove 40.5h on the Baltic Sea and consumed 205L of Diesel in the process. That makes an Average of 5L/h.


On the Way Back from Sassnitz we got into some restless water. In Waves with a height of 1.5m To 2m, the Crew had to hold on. For the Boat, however, it wasn't a Problem. The Fridge and Kitchen Cupboards, as well as Doors, remained closed. Unfortunately, no one took Pictures here.

Summer Holidays in Croatia

The Ride with the Trailer was quiet and relaxing. We have a Ford Ranger, which we have loaded up to a total of 6.7 Tons. So we can load the Car brimming with Luggage. Before the Departure I drove again to a Company and weighed the Team. Here it has been confirmed, all completely in the legal Realm.

Biograd na Moru

We drove to Croatia to Biograd na Moru Without Overnight accommodation, without Traffic Jams and Breakdowns. The Crane in the Marina went quickly and professionally without Complications. Already the Boat was in the Water. Since the Tank was virtually empty, Refueling and Meeting with our Acquaintance was the first Goal of the day. After the Charter Boats all want to go to the Gas Station on Fridays, we are tucked to the Island of Murter to get to their Destination a little faster at the two Gas Stations. Our Tactics went up. With about 320L of Diesel we started to Otok Ist, and the first 5 Days we drove no more Port.



In the second Week we visited Acquaintances on the Island of Rab. Along the Way, we met an SR30 yacht line that we had briefly chatted with.
On Rab, we docked at a different Restaurant every Night. After a Detour to Cres, Krk and Goli Otok, we also took some quiet Bathing Days. Soon we were drawn to our next Destination. We drove from Rab with Stops all the Way to Havar. There we saw the 16th biggest Private Yacht. On the Outside Of Hvar there was a small Harbour where we stayed.


We drove off in the morning with the Sunrise. The Sea was calm and peaceful. Our Goal Trogir. Since we started without Breakfast, we anchored in the blue Lagoon even before any Excursion boats came and enjoyed our Breakfast. In Trogir we decided opposite the Main Kaimauer. After the Storm pulled in, too, we decided to "move" to the City of Marina. A loud but safe night awaited Us. The next Day we drove towards Biograd and made another Stop in Tribunj. There we met another SR30 yacht line. We decided to go to Zirje one More night together. However, as the Holiday Days soon came to an End, we separated again and we drove on Towards Biograd. The good three Weeks had passed so quickly that we didn't even get to Water skiing. Tubriding went very well. No Problem Even with light Waves.

We drove in Croatia 67.1 h at 834 Litres, which means an Average Consumption of 12.4 L/h. You can clearly see that the Distances you travel are significantly higher than on the Baltic Sea. The Crane in Biograd was done without any Occurrences and quickly. The Croatian "no Problem" has come true here.



For 4 People, the SR30 yacht line is the perfect Size. Even the Children thought that the Holiday was less stressful than it used to be with a Holiday Apartment and Berth. The Dinghy is golden. Engine on, get in and drive to the next Restaurant, eat delicious and get back to the Boat. During The Day, simply drop off a "Man" in front of a Harbour and send it shopping and, in the Meantime, let yourself drift with the SR30 yacht line on the Sea. In Bays, just take a Country Walk or explore the Area. It is quick and easy to use and definitely recommended. The Lying Surface on the Bow is used even when Gliding. The large Bathing Platform is ideal for Children. You can jump in without water constantly splashing into the Boat. All in all, a great Boat.

Now our Boat is in the Winter Camp and we can't wait to set Sail again. The next Holidays are already planned.


Family S.

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