Experience report 29 -YACHTLINE-: Peene

  • Boat model: 29 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta V6 280 DPS
  • cruising area: Peene
  • crew: 2
  • crew experience: medium

The time had come: in August 2020 we were able to use our new 29 -Yachtline- for a longer tour for the first time.  We had exchanged the 29 -Yachtline- for the 23 -Yachtline- through the company Öchsner and were looking forward to the new comforts and more space on the boat.

From the home port of Eggesin we went over the Stettiner Haff into the Peene, over lake Kummerow to Malchin and back. We were en route for 12 days in total.  Already in the first port we were able to make full use of the larger rooms with all the pleasant facilities and designs, that we enjoyed a lot.

We can only express a big thank you and praise to the Öchsner team for this boat. This also applies to the entire technology and functionality. Even with our average boating experience, the 29 -Yachtline- was very easy to steer and maneuver despite its size. In the small ports we were very manoeuvrable with the side thrusters and Z-drive and could use every offered berth.
We enjoyed the 12-day trip among beautiful nature, beautiful weather and many excursions by bike (we had these on our boat) and we haven´t regretted the exchange to the 29 -Yachtline-.  The boat is perfect for our needs and we would choose it again!

We wish the Öchsner team all the best for the future and that it has the right touch for future boat projects.

Kind regards,
Barbara and Jürgen O.

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