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Experience report 29 -YACHTLINE-: Moselle

In EB29, Erfahrungsberichte by Verena

Travel Facts
  • Boat: 29 -YACHTLINE-
  • Engine: Volvo Penta 280PS
  • Sailing area: Moselle
  • Crew: 2 adults, 1 young person, 1 border collie
  • Boat Experience: Beginners

On recommendation to Kürnach

We were looking for a bigger boat that we could stay on at weekends and on vacation.

On recommendation we drove to Kürnach in June 2018 to have a look at the 29 -YACHTLINE-. We liked it so much that we had the signed sales contract with us on the way home.

Ten long months of waiting followed.


Pickup of the 29 -YACHTLINE-

On April 10, 2019 the time had finally come and we could pick up our Daisy. Despite the very cold weather, we had a great introductory drive with Florian Öchsner. We loved the way the boat was driven and its power.

Then we drove Daisy to our home port Senheim on the Moselle. And of course we spent the night on our new boat despite the freezing cold.


Vacation on the Moselle

After several smaller tours, we went on holiday on July 20th, 2019. Together with friends and their boat we went on the so-called sauerkraut tour.

Packed with provisions and luggage for two weeks, we drove up the Moselle to Konz, then on the Saar, the Saar Canal, the Rhine-Marne Canal and over the French Moselle back to Senheim.


In order to cope with this route, we had to drive from morning to evening, which enabled us to fully familiarize ourselves with our boat. And after almost 100 locks, we are now the absolute lock professionals.

The fuel consumption was also very moderate - we had expected more.

In November 2019 we brought our Daisy to the Öchsner company for inspection, where it was then given a larger bathing platform. Now it is perfect.


It was the right decision to buy the 29 -YACHTLINE-, it is exactly the right boat for us. The four of us can live comfortably on it as it offers enough space. So we can hardly wait for the new boating season to start in April.

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